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Modders Have Remastered The First-Ever Star Wars FPS

After three years of effort, modders have remastered the first first-person shooter in the Star Wars franchise and predecessor to the Jedi Knight series, Star Wars: Dark Forces.

The game has been given a modern update through the use of the Force Engine, an open-source tool developed by luciusDXL, winterheart, and gilmorem560. The Force Engine is a reverse engineering of Dark Forces that allows players to experience the game with improved graphics and additional customization options such as mouse look and high-resolution support.

The developers have also indicated that the Force Engine will soon support Outlaws, a lesser-known game related to Dark Forces. Players can use the Force Engine to play Dark Forces with modern conveniences and at high resolution.

Dark Forces is not as well known as its sequels in the Jedi Knight series, in which Kyle becomes a Jedi and engages in highly acclaimed lightsaber combat. Outlaws, on the other hand, is a western-themed first-person shooter developed by Lucasarts that uses the same game engine as Dark Forces. The shared characteristics between the two games will allow Outlaws to be updated for the 21st century with minimal effort from the Force Engine team.

The first release of the Force Engine allows players to fully experience Dark Forces with a range of customizable features that improve the gameplay experience, such as mouse look and high-resolution support. The Force Engine also uses GPU rendering instead of the outdated software renderer used in the original game and includes a mod loader for user-created content. The developers of the Force Engine have announced that full support for “Outlaws” will be added in a future update, version 2.0 of the project.

Installing both the Force Engine and any desired mods is straightforward. However, players will need to purchase a copy of Dark Forces in order to use the Force Engine (it is not freely available like some other source ports). Dark Forces can be purchased on Steam or GOG for around US$6, although it may be on sale for a lower price at certain times. After obtaining a copy of the game and downloading the Force Engine, the executable will automatically detect the installation path for the game.

Users can easily add any custom maps or modifications to the mod directory of the Force Engine and can choose which ones to load from the startup screen of the Force Engine. The process of adding and running user-created content is quick and simple. The Force Engine also allows players to access and play a wide range of free levels in addition to the original game, similar to other source ports such as GZDoom and Aleph One. This allows players to easily and conveniently play the classic game with improved features and access to additional content.

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