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Battle Shapers Is A Roguelite First-Person Shooter Slated For Q3 2023

Another month, another new roguelite game announcement. The next in line is developer Metric Empire’s Battle Shapers, and it’s looking pretty colourful.

Battle Shapers is in first-person, plays like an arena shooter, and has a roguelite structure. And it’ll be in Early Access on Q3 2023 for PC (Steam). The Early Access version will feature 50 unlockable weapons, abilities, and upgrades, as well as 12+ enemy types, 3 bosses, and three biomes to explore (out of five).

Trailer and key features are below. I’ll say this: if Blizzard doesn’t deliver on its Overwatch 2 PvE campaign, people might flock to titles like Battle Shapers since it’s generating that same energy and vibe. I really do miss the good old days of Unreal and Quake; Battle Shapers should hopefully fill in that niche later this year.

Feature List

  • Fight Laser with Laser
    • Gun down hordes of cunning enemy machines with relentless risk-taking, and bot-busting close-range warfare in which every kill fuels your combat capabilities.
    • Learn to adapt to the Overlords’ dangerous attacks and retaliations that are thrown at you every step of the way.
  • Combat is Only Half the Battle
    • Use Shaper Hacks to manipulate rewards, counter the Overlord challenges and deploy your own traps, power-ups and effects in their towers.
    • Explore vibrant towers that promise hidden Upgrades and Weapons to strengthen your build from run-to-run.
    • As your Powers grow and change, be careful—with every defeated Overlord, your path becomes more difficult.
  • Build Your “Core” System
    • Unlock new Weapons, Abilities and Talents to permanently increase your survivability and combat potential with every run.
    • Obtain the Cores of fallen Overlords to transform your combat abilities and appearance, offering new combat playstyles.
    • Stack up on Core Enhancers to augment your equipped core capacities and unleash their full potential.
  • Fearless Shredding
    • Defy the Overlords to the sound of blazing, adrenaline-pumping rock music that will have you dive head-on and fist-first into the action.

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