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Black Desert SEA Revamps Trading Content To Improve Accessibility

Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert SEA has undergone a revamp of its “Trading” activity, offering Adventurers with an even wider variety of enjoyable content. With improved accessibility, now is the perfect time to dive into the vast world of the Black Desert and enjoy all the game has to offer.

Trading is just one of the many life activities enjoyed by Adventurers, and it plays an essential role in silver production. Adventurers must buy and sell trading items at various locations, seeking out the most efficient price to maximize their profits. This mimics the complexities of real-life trading and economics.

With the revamp of the trading system, market prices will now change at a fixed time, once every 4 hours, replacing the real-time fluctuation system. This improvement provides Adventurers to execute trading strategies based on anticipated price changes.

As prices for items can increase by a maximum of 300%, Adventurers can leverage the use of “Rumors” to further increase their profits. These Rumors can act as hints for the “special fluctuations” that occur throughout the territory at a scheduled time. However, they may not always be true. To guarantee its validity, Adventurers must carefully listen to the residents and observe the economic trends in the Black Desert world.

To alleviate the entry barrier, the weight limit of Adventurer’s wagon for storing trade items has been tripled, encouraging more Adventurers to participate in trading. Even the beginner’s wagon “Flimsy Wagon” can store items up to 900 LT, a significant increase from the previous limit of 270 LT.

Black Desert SEA has been continuously improving the accessibility to its contents throughout the past quarter of this year.? Newly added “Weekly Contribution Quests” allow Adventurers to gain a large amount of Contribution EXP. The accumulated “Contribution Points“ play a crucial role in purchasing houses, hiring workers, and renting items in the game, making them an essential element in the game.

Last but not least, Black Desert SEA awaits both new and returning Adventurers by offering the best gaming experience over the past few months, featuring UI improvements, silver integration within a Family, reduced item load weight in the central market, and more.


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