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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Guide – Best Weapons, Spells, & Ashes Of War Early On

The new Elden Ring DLC adds more to the base game: new playable world area called the Shadowlands/Land of Shadows, new bosses to put you in your place, and more new weapons.

Here’s a list of early DLC weapons you can get once you touch down on the Land of Shadows.

Disclaimer: This list will be updated periodically; the DLC just came out, after all.

Scadutree Fragments & Revered Spirit Ashes

Get these Shadowlands-exclusive upgrades in the Elden Ring DLC without beating any of the bosses. Here’s where you can get them:

Scadutree Fragments

  • 2x Fragments at Church of Consolation
  • 1x by the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x by the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x dropped from a shining Pot Shadow found in a graveyard West from Prospect Town
  • 2x in Castle Ensis before any boss
  • 1x Scaduview Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x Belurat, Tower Settlement before boss

Revered Spirit Ashes

  • 1x by a cliff found east from Scorched Ruins (just west across the gap from Church of Consolation)
  • 1x in the pond north-east from Prospect Town
  • 1x looted in the Abandoned Ailing Village altar
  • 2x looted by the Spider Scorpions shortly after entering Belurat Tower Settlement
  • 2x looted from places inside Belurat Tower Settlement



Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana

Acquired by defeating the boss of the Dragon’s Pit, located in the cliffs to the southeast of Castle Ensis. Has a special skill that shoots a red vertical projectile when charged up.

Great Katana

Found on a corpse directly next to the Ghostflame Dragon, located west of the Ailing Village in Gravesite Plain.


This fast blade is located at the top of a tower in Castle Ensis, just before the interior. After crossing the bridge at the front of the castle, follow the main path up around to the southwest. Then climb up the wooden stairs to find the tower.

Firespark Perfume Bottle

Found at the Castle Front encampment near Castle Ensis.

Backhand Blade

The Backhand Blade is found in a small mausoleum to the northeast of the Scorched Ruins.

Star-Lined Sword

Dropped from Demi=Human Queen Marigga, found on the western side of the Cerulean Coast. To get there, head through the chasm path found in the cliffside to the northeast of the Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace.



Glintblade Trio

Acquired after passing through the iron gate just beyond the chapel in the midpoint of Castle Ensis, then dropping off the side of the cliff and climbing up the ladders to the rooftop of the chapel. Then drop down on the north side of the roof to get to the corpse hanging over a ledge; it’s holding the spell.

Aspect of the Crucible: Thorns

Spikey AoE attack. Get this incantation by defeating the Golden Hippopotamus in the Shadow Keep.

Ghostflame Breath

Dragon breath attack exclusive to this DLC. You can buy this at the Altar of Dragon Communion in the Jagged Peak (east from where you start off in the DLC). You need 3 Dragon Hearts to buy the spell; you can farm dragons in the Jagged Peak area, or the Ghostflame Dragons in Cerulean Coast.

Rings of Spectral Light

This sorcery is next to the large Gravebird statue on the clifftop path in Charo’s Hidden Grave on the Cerulean coast.


Ashes Of War

Shriek of Sorrow

Can be found behind the large twisted trees in the area that Fire Knight Queelign invades within Belurat, Tower Settlement.

Flame Skewer

Dropped by Fire Knight Queelign at his second invasion location. This can be either within Belurat, Tower Settlement, or more typically you’ll encounter him for the second time in the Church of the Crusade in Scadu Altus.

Wing Stance

Can be acquired by reaching the Castle Lord’s Chamber Site of Grace at the top of Castle Ensis, then exiting onto the balcony to the east. Jump over the railing to the ledges below to get to the nearby tower, and then climb to the top and you’ll find the Ash of War inside a chest.

Ghostflame Call

Can be acquired by defeating the Death Rite Bird found in Charo’s Hidden Grave on the Cerulean Coast.


Armor Sets

Blackgaol Set

Great for tanks. Get this set by beating the Blackgaol Knight in the Western Unmarked Mausoleum. This is located northwest of the Gravesite Plains Site of Grace (the starting Site of Grace in the DLC).

Dancer Set

Great for Dex-focused classes. You can get this trendy set (and the Blade of Ranah) by beating the Dancer of Ranah; they’re located in the Southern Unmarked Mausolueum on the small island in the Cerulean Coast. You can get there by travelling through the underground passage located just southeast of the Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace.

Comes with the Dancing Blade of Ranah.

Messmer Soldier Set

This set is dropped by Messmer Soldiers through the region. Find loads of them to kill at the Castle Front near Castle Ensis.

Messmer Knight Set

Dropped by Black Knights in Gravesite Plain and other areas. Find loads of them in the Castle Front, southwest of of the Castle Front Site of Grace.

Oathseeker Knight Set

Found inside a hanging body, just outside the Church of Benediction.



Crusade Insignia

Dropped by Fire Knight Queelign in Belurat, Tower Settlement, early in the dungeon in a large circular room that’s northeast on the map.

Rellana’s Cameo

Found on top of an altar within the chapel in the midpoint of Castle Ennis, in front of a Stranded Soul.

Ailment Talisman

Dried Bouquet

More tips (via Fextralife)

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