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Honor of Kings: A Beginner’s Guide

Honor of Kings, developed by TiMi Studio Group, is now available worldwide. This popular mobile MOBA game offers a familiar experience for MOBA enthusiasts but can be a bit challenging for newcomers. This guide provides essential tips and insights to help new players get started.

In Honor of Kings, players choose a hero, each with unique skills, and compete in 5v5 matches to destroy the enemy nexus. The map is divided into three lanes, each with three outer turrets per team. The objective is to destroy these turrets to access the enemy base and secure victory.


The In-Game Map

Hero’s Gorge Map

The map consists of three lanes: Clash Lane, Mid Lane, and Farm Lane. In between the lanes, you will also find another crucial area of the map, the Jungle. Key elements include:

  • Base: The spawn and respawn point where heroes can heal. Using Recall returns heroes to the base, which enemies cannot enter without severe damage.
  • Crystal: Located in each base, the opponent’s crystal must be destroyed to win. It regenerates health when not attacked and is protected by high-ground towers.




  • High Ground Tower: The third tower in each lane, is crucial for defence. Destroying it spawns allied super minions.
  • Inner Tower: The middle lane tower slows enemy minions when destroyed.
  • Outer Tower: The first tower providing strong defence early in the game, with extra damage reduction before 04:00.


Jungle Monsters

Azure Golem: Spawns at 00:30, increases jungler speed with a buff that transfers to the attacker if the hero is killed.
Crimson Golem: Spawns at 00:30 and every 90 seconds after, providing a burn damage buff that transfers upon the hero’s death.
Tyrant: An epic monster spawning at 04:00, granting Chain Lightning buff to the team upon defeat.
Overlord: Spawns at 02:00 and every 4 minutes, providing minion vanguard waves.
Tempest Dragon: A legendary monster appearing at 20:00 and every 3 minutes, causing a storm and providing significant buffs to the team that defeats it.


Lanes & Hero Roles

Lanes & Lane Roles

  • Clash Lane: Ideal for Fighters or Tanks because they can sustain themselves longer, allowing them to farm EXP and level up quickly.
  • Mid Lane: Ideal for Mages due to their high magical damage, which is effective for clearing minions and supporting other lanes. However, Fighters or Assassins can also be used in this role depending on the team’s needs.
  • Farm Lane: This lane typically has two players, usually a Marksman and a Support. Marksmen are essential here to farm gold quickly and upgrade their equipment.
  • Jungle: Typically suited for Assassins or heroes who can quickly clear jungle monsters and have good mobility, enabling them to assist their laners with ganks. Ganking involves sneaking up on enemy players in the lanes to catch them off guard and help your teammates by attacking the enemies


Hero Roles

  • Tank: Absorbs damage for the team, often acting as a decoy.
  • Fighter: Leads offensives in the Clash Lane, levelling up quickly to dominate.
  • Assassin: Usually are Junglers who kill monsters for EXP, gold, and buffs but can be used in the Clash lane.
  • Mage: Mid-lane specialists with high magical damage for holding off enemy waves.
  • Marksman: Primary damage dealers with high-range attacks but lower HP.
  • Support: Heals and shields teammates, often pairing with marksmen in the Farm Lane.


Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Pick and Master a Hero

CBeginners should pick and master a single hero to build familiarity and proficiency with that hero’s abilities and mechanics. Focusing on one hero helps players understand their strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to strategise and perform well in matches, leading to more consistent success.


Create Map Awareness

Developing map awareness is crucial for beginners in any MOBA because it helps you track enemy movements, anticipate ganks, and make strategic decisions. Knowing the map well allows you to utilize buffs, heal efficiently, and assist teammates effectively, ultimately improving your team’s chances of winning and your overall gameplay experience.



Beginners should explore specific builds for their heroes to enhance their unique playstyle and maximize effectiveness in battles. Tailoring builds helps in capitalising on a hero’s strengths and addressing their weaknesses. Additionally, counter-building against enemies ensures resilience and adaptability, giving you the strategic edge in various matchups.


Defeat Monsters

When you’re down in gold or under-levelled, focus on killing jungle monsters, not only to gain buffs that can significantly impact your gameplay but also because the gold and EXP you receive are extremely valuable especially when you’re behind.


Focus on the Late Game

Building off of the last point, in MOBAs, you’re never 100% out of the game because matches intensify in the late phase. As long as you focus on farming for gold and EXP, you will eventually scale and catch up to your opponents so use your skills wisely to have a greater impact and secure victory.

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