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Friggin hell Blizzard.

In a move that may tilt me of (also) becoming a Hanzo main, Blizzard earlier today released two more teasers for hero skins which are set to drop come January 23rd. Following yesterday’s reveal of ASP Pharah, we got glimpses of brand new Legendary Skins for Hanzo and Lucio; Kabuki Hanzo and Capoeira Lucio. Check. Them. Out.

Along with these releases comes a new map – Blizzard World which was unveiled at Blizzcon 2017. Along with the skins are player emotes, sprays and player icons. We have a bulk of them shown here.

Wanna catch up with all the new skins unveiled so far? Then check out the slideshow below:

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[…] reveals follows yesterday’s unveiling of new Legendary Hanzo and Lucio skins as well as the brilliant Legendary Pharah […]

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