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Competitive gaming is big, no doubt about that. Just check out Newzoo’s latest findings on games like Dota 2 and League of Legends going big all across Southeast Asia; the competitive scene worldwide is worth US$905.6 million. And we haven’t factored in other competitions like The International, the Overwatch League, and many others.

Our neighbours down South are hosting the “first-ever major Asean Esports tournament in 2018”. According to a Straits Times report, the inaugural Asean eSports competition will be at the Singapore Sports Hub (near Kallang area in Singapore) in the first weekend of August (4th and 5th).

Singapore Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth Mr Baey Yam Keng said to Singapore Parliament yesterday that the tournament will be part of the local Shine Festival for Youth and GetActive! Singapore.

With 2.8 million gamers in Singapore since 2017 (we assume all kinds, from your “filthy” casuals to hardcore jerks like me), we think that’s a good idea for everyone in the region to compete in perhaps one of Southeast Asia’s most developed and most expensive hub around.

The big question is: what games will be on tap? The news report did not mention any games yet. So let’s take a stab at it, shall we?

Vainglory: Since Singapore’s Impunity was the top 4 best teams in the game on a worldwide scale, this one’s a no-brainer pick.

League of Legends: Probably another good pick, since there are a good number of LoL teams in the Southeast Asian regions.

Overwatch: We wish, but last we checked, Blizzard wanted a sizeable cut for large-scale regional tournaments involving this game. Unless the organizers have deep pockets, this one might be shelved. A shame too, since the best players are all in Thailand and Vietnam.

Dota 2: This pick’s pretty likely, since every other Asian country except Singapore has a decent Dota 2 team ripe for competing. Heck, even Singapore top dog Iceiceice is playing for team Malaysia/Philippines.

Counter-Strike GO: Also another likely pick. Can’t say much since I’m not a big CSGO guy though, but CSGO has been around long enough that there are SEA teams who are worth a damn.

Street Fighter V: This one is a bit tricky. While this game has seen a lot of esports and esports organizer love outside of Japan and The West, the scene is still underdeveloped in the region.

Sure, we have South East Major 2018 happening and the other South East Asia Major tournaments, but that competition usually attracts more foreign players and competition who are not within the Southeast Asia jurisdiction. Unless someone in the community has the clout to change Capcom’s mind, I don’t see this happening.

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 by Some Guy Online in March 22, 2018

They chose Legaue of Legends BTW

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