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Fan-Made Uncharted Live-Action Short Film Proves Passion Can Do Wonders

It’s been known for the longest time that the super popular Sony PlayStation exclusive Uncharted series has the potential for a silver screen debut. With a strong narrative that spans four games, a tie-in sequel, one mobile-based adventure-puzzler, and loads of comics and merchandising deals, it is hardly any surprise that fans – and the game producers themselves – want to make this a huge win.

Unfortunately, even with the combined efforts of Sony PlayStation (now Sony Interactive Entertainment) and Sony Pictures, this highly anticipated take has been sitting in limbo.

That changed early this year when word got out that Tom Holland is locked in to play a young Nathan Drake, the main protagonist of the Uncharted franchise. While weird, it didn’t surprise anyone since the Tomb Raider remake is doing so well and many stories now require an origin take. This isn’t a one-off decision as Joe Carnahan, the screen-writer for Uncharted, tweeted the following:

Just so the main story focus doesn’t stray too far, here are the following confirmed facts about this prelude:

  • Holland will play young Nathan Drake to explain why he ended up the way he is now.
  • Shawn Levy, the man behind Real Steel, is set to direct this effort – he also worked on the script with Carnahan
  • They want to avoid being an Indiana Jones clone or, worse yet, be another Tomb Raider.
  • It will be raw as Nathan must experience things to become the tough man that he is in the games. After all, Sullivan isn’t exactly Mr Nice too.

While this is all fine and dandy, something else came to light. Some background details are necessary here. Fans of Uncharted have always wanted Nathan Fillion to put on the boots of Nathan Drake.

Fillion is a veteran actor best known for his role in the Sci-Fi TV hit series, Firefly, and acting in big blockbusters like Saving Private Ryan and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. For so long fans have campaigned for this real-world Nathan to become the game world’s Nathan.

Then this surprising short film dropped for the Uncharted faithful:

In short, eye-popping and so SO amazing! There’ll be no spoilers here. Just go watch and enjoy!

Whatever the fan creators did, treatment and narrative, it is original and to-the-point. Even the character casting and Fillion playing as Drake – perfect! The best bit: it pays homage to all the four main games AND brings into perspective Naughty Dog didn’t have the chance to explore. It all goes back to Nathan Drake’s roots with the New World explorers – Sir Francis Drake and his European compatriots.

Southeast Asian fans will be in for a real big treat. Again NO SPOILERS! Just go watch and dream about how much story is left untapped in the seafaring waters of this region.

The Big Tease

The surprising short-film comes 24-hours after Fillion tweeted this:

This isn’t a big tease over nothing? This is the meal ticket they’ve been waiting for! Many even speculated that he will be signed on for the film with Holland. Maybe as a cameo.

But how did this fan film came to be? According to a Kotaku interview, it was over a vegan dinner through a mutual friend.

“Over thai vegan dinner,” Fillion said, “[director] Allan Unguar expressed his love for Uncharted—he’s obviously a passionate fan—and he had a vision. And then in May, we got together and put this thing together.”

He added in the same interview he’s never pitched Sony on making such a movie, but that he’s open to the idea.

“We wanted to scratch an itch—we wanted to see something, and we didn’t want to wait. Our goal has been achieved. If something comes from this, that’s just icing on the cake.”

While all the rumours didn’t turn out to be true, fans are now rallying for this fan-film to become the legit live-action effort. Please take note, Naughty Dog and Sony Pictures!

Does the whole thing stink of familiarity? It sure does – Ryan Reynolds did the same thing to get the green-light for his Deadpool film. Let’s hope there is enough attention to give pause to the folks behind the upcoming prequel movie.

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