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[Report] Fortnite Might Get A Controversial Game-Breaking Weapon

The insanely-popular third-person shooter-slash-battle royale Fortnite is usually chock filled with new Seasons and fresh guns. However, the latest datamine suggest that the game may be getting a game-breaking firearm.

According to TwoEpicBuddies via Twitter, the free-to-play Battle Royale mode will get a new legendary sniper rifle.

Looks pretty CS:GO-like, but what’s so special about it? Well, this new gun can fire surface-penetrating bullets, at least through the first wall it hits. This means that a player’s first line defense -makeshift walls or even their own constructs of wood- will not offer any protection from this special weapon.

There is no official word from Epic Games about this weapon, but if the datamined info is accurate, the weapon will be up and ready alongside next week’s content patch. In related news, Fortnite’s recently-released Compact SMG was initially dubbed as an overpowered weapon until folks at Reddit found a roundabout way around it. Maybe it’s just a kneejerk reaction from people who are initially afraid of change.

Fortnite is a big game, so no doubt that any grievances with the new sniper rifle will be felt by Epic Games in the next few months. The game is out for all major platforms except for Android. That version’s slated for this year; maybe soon.

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