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Princess Peach + Bowser = The Sexiest Super Mario Bros Meme So Far

Talk about being hot for Peach. There’s a new internet trend where Mario’s nemesis Bowser and Mario’s love interest Princess Peach combine to form one attractive-looking dragon turtle human hybrid.

So what’s up with the feature picture on this post and the Peach/Bowser wombo combo craze? Let’s go step by step.

-New Super Mario Bros U was announced and introduced Peachette, a Toad who can transform into a Princess Peach if powered up with a mushroom crown thing.


-Twitter user ayyk92, a Malaysian artist, created this alternate ending to Super Mario Odyssey.


-Pretty funny, eh? Well, this Peach/Bowser transformation was inspired by the Peachette crown power-up. This apparently got the whole of the internet in a drawing and meme-churning frenzy because the combo is quite alluring in nature…

-…and eventually reached Japan, where a whole slew of artists showcased their version of this hybrid. What’s its name? Well it’s a toss-up between Bowserette, Bowsette, and Peacher. Japan’s calling her Koopa-Hime (“Princess Koopa” in English).

The regal and reptilian combo means that Koopa-Hime is the perfect hot-and-cold tsundere anime personality. Either that or a yandere complex where she’s gleefully violent while looking good being so.

Let’s see the tsundere side of Koopa-Hime.

And now here’s the yandere side. Dat teeth yo!

It even got the attention of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid artist Cool-Kyou Shinsha.

Here’s an old-school pixel rendition of Koopa-Hime as a Super Mario Bros. boss.

Well done, internet. You may convince Nintendo to give in to your nonsense and create a new character that is perfectly canon in this G-rated universe.

Also, the artist who started the trend posted this regarding the bump in followers. Malaysia Boleh!

Let’s check out the rest of the Koopa-Hime madness, shall we? If you spot any new ones, let us know and we’ll add it here and make this the unofficial Koopa-Hime fanart hub.

There’s a sentence I didn’t know I would write today. In related news, have you seen our Super Mario games ranking list?

Update: …and we now have our first few Bowserette/Bowsette/Koopa-Hime cosplayers. Thanks Nadyasonika & Emerald Campbell!

Update #2: …and now Singapore joined the fray. Better step it up, Malaysia! (via Geek Culture)






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