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Please Square Enix, No Final Fantasy X-3 Please…

Final Fantasy X was almost a masterpiece of a game; despite its really linear nature, it had a pretty dark storyline featuring a decent cast, lovely turn-based combat, and a heckaton of diversions and stupid minigames. Final Fantasy X-2 turned that frown upside-down and gave us…something alright.

If you’re one of those Tidus/Yuna fans clamouring for another sequel in the Final Fantasy X universe, you may be in luck. Or not. During a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT livestream, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed this piece of Final Fantasy X art depicting an older Tidus and Yuna.

Kitase revealed during the stream that the Final Fantasy X HD remaster team were excited about making an X-3 when they included the voice drama detailing the latest chapter of Spira’s tale. They haven’t gotten to it because the team is currently busy with other Square Enix projects.

Also, Dissidia Final Fantasy director Takeo Kujiraoka stated that he’s received requests to make a “later years” costume for Tidus and Yuna, though Square Enix producer/director/artist of belts Tetsuya Nomura said he wanted X-3 out first.

Why This Might Go South

As exciting as this all sounds, I’ll have to dish out a reality check here: this can definitely end badly. Final Fantasy X originally had a great if kinda depressing ending. The sequel’s climax kinda made what you fought for in the first game mean jack; a cop-out if you will. Final Fantasy X-3 might end up even more fan service-y than FFX-2, and that can dilute FFX as a whole.

Take the case of FFIV: The After Years. People asked for a sequel to FFIV, they got it and it’s a terrible rehash and retread. Do you want that s*** in your precious Final Fantasy X? DO YOU?!?!

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