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If you’ve been searching for protips online or even some backstory for an obscure video game character, chances are you’ve been on wiki site Fandom. The company that runs these information hubs is now acquiring Curse Media, the guys who run gaming wiki sites like Gamepedia via Twitch.

According to Kotaku, Fandom has signed a “definitive agreement to acquire Curse Media from [owners] Twitch, Inc; including all media assets and employees. The company plans to combine Gamepedia into their current operations. Twitch said the following:

“We’ve signed an agreement for Fandom to acquire Curse Media and make it part of their offering to gamer communities. . . Twitch will continue to focus on our priorities supporting streamers’ ability to earn a living educating and entertaining fans.”

One would think that this combo means a bigger wiki database for gamers to refer to. The truth is a bit more complicated: Gamepedia has 2,200 wikis. Fandom has over 300,000 wikis, meaning that some of the latter’s wikis will overlap the former’s.

This may even be a takeover of sorts to integrate Gamepedia’s wiki engines into Fandom’s, employees be damned. And it may not look so good for people who handle game wikis since Fandom has intrusive autoplaying ads when compared to Gamepedia’s embeds at the bottom. But we could be wrong. We’ll see how this unfolds in the coming months.

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