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Call of Duty Black Ops 4‘s Blackout mode is receiving a new map this week. To promote the new content, Activision is doing the rare charitable thing by making the game free to play for the entire month.

Starting today up until 30 April, the battle royale mode will be available to play for free on all platforms

PlayStation 4 players can directly jump into the base maps as well as the new Alcatraz map today. PC and Xbox players have to wait another week for Alcatraz, but the base experience is already available for all. We’re also expecting them to release some patch notes along with the content.

This is the first time that we receive a month-long promotion from these guys. This is probably their strategy in pulling the Apex Legends crowd back. Will it work? Will Activision finally make the mode permanently F2P? We’ll have to find out later this month.

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