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The Twitter reviews for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame are out, and they are indeed positive. This means that your early pre-orders and the overwhelming of a cinema ticket servers of a nationwide scale are entirely justified.

Here are the best ones so far (via Entertainment Weekly). No spoilers here, so go nuts with the scrolling!

Based on these takeaways it looks like:

  • Hawkeye is going to be a key player here.
  • It’ll make you cry and feel all emotional inside.
  • It will reset your expectations if you thought Avengers: Infinity War did that. So a double reset, basically.
  • It features masterclass storytelling & pacing. In other words, Citizen Kane and The Seventh Seal can go eat a dick.
  • You will need to plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. Or just hold your pee in as the endings roll.

So yeah, this isn’t a huge surprise since all of these reactions are based on post-screening hype. To be fair, it’s not like Marvel and Disney are purposely going to release a lacklustre flick for all the mass marketing they’re doing for this conclusive MCU film.

But at the same time, the following tweets are mostly from people who did attempt to defend the mediocreness that is Captain Marvel (Marvel version). Guess we’ll find out soon enough if Avengers: Endgame is the hot s*** tomorrow morning.

In related news, here’s an MCU film ranking feature that’s totally right. Oh, and 5 ways the Endgame film may end. 

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