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In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Epic is planning to continue with signing exclusivity deals for its online games store, Epic Games Store. The story is made more sensational when Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, said that they will continue to sign exclusive deals regardless of any games’ previous standing with Steam.

This was caught in one of Sweeney’s tweets recently. It stirred quite the commotion, as expected.

Well, we weren’t too surprised with this move, but what really mashed my gears was that back at GDC, Epic said that they weren’t going to pull of the same mistake like what happened to Metro Exodus exclusive deal.

For folks who weren’t in the loop, here’s what happened;

  • Epic snatched Metro Exodus right out of the Steam store after the game was already live on the store and some people have even pre-ordered the game on the platform.
  • Twitter did not sit still with this happening, so some users accused Epic of duplicity in regards to the statement Epic produced, in which Sweeney responded;

The answer simply shifts the blame to the developers and publishers, effectively cleaning his hands out of any responsibility.

Epic did say that they won’t push hard for exclusives in the future, but recent developments beg to differ. With games snatched from the Steam store such as Phoenix Point and the highly anticipated Borderlands 3, this would surely dent their reputation.


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