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There’s a new animated Dragon Quest movie in the works and it’s headed to Japanese theatres this 2nd August. It’s called Dragon Quest: Your Story; here’s a quick look at it.

Who knew that slimes and sabers can look this friggin’ beautiful? I’m kinda surprised the humans don’t look that Toriyama-esque though; they look more like wistful Dreamworks fantasy heroes ala How To Train Your Dragon.

It looks like the film is going to adapt the story of Dragon Quest V; the hero in that game is a beastmaster who tame monsters to fight for him. Even the story has the same beastmaster father figure who acts as the hero’s mentor who is most likely going to die to further his growth…


…and this girl who looks like Nera, the hero’s love interest…


…and Bianca, the hero’s other love interest. Dragon Quest V lets you marry either one. Will it also have the next generation of heroes twist like in the source material?


There’s no international release date so far; here’s hoping it makes its way to Malaysian and Singaporean theatres the following month after August.

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