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Want to play an action game but can coordinate attacks beyond two buttons or more? Then you’ll love Silver Dollar’s One Finger Death Punch 2.

Just like the first game, all you do is attack enemies coming from the left and right by clicking on the left or right mouse button. Enemies who move into your zone of attack can be defeated with one punch, as well as make you move forward.

The catch? Enemies will come at you super-fast, and you cannot mash buttons because you’ll be left wide open if you miss an attack. Victory favours the most patient and precise.


The game mixes up the challenge with past mechanics -enemies with 2 to 3 lifebars, enemies who dodge your first hit, and brawlers you put you in a minigame where you have to press left or right according to oncoming bars from the top. New mechanics also enter the fight; these include patience-testing minigames where you can’t press buttons until prompted in an instance.

While the game looks simple with its pop-up comic-book art and “stick figure” animations, that’s part of this indie game’s charm. The audio work when you’re beating the crap out of enemies is stellar and keeps you in a zen-like state of violence. Yeah, that sentence is an oxymoron, but when you’re in a trance just clicking your mouse buttons in sync with dismembering polearm-wielding degenerates with your fists while dodging bullets and tossing knives back at your far-away assailants, you’ll be at bliss.

To say this game gets wild is an understatement. Even with the aforementioned aesthetics, you’ll be knee-deep in a blitz of brawler combat while also riding on horses going all Dynasty Warriors (on a 2D plane) on your enemies. Oh, they will come at you in droves; you’ll even have to kill 250 of them in a stage. At least you’ll get a lightsaber fight out of it.

If this is the first time hearing about this two-button beat-em-up with over-the-top yet simple theatrics, do yourself a favour and get it for RM19.50 now on Steam. I’ve only completed 15 stages and went through a bit of the Survival Mode so far, but I’m completely sold if all it takes to get my jollies is to tap masterfully at incoming Once Upon A Time In China bad guys. And then proceed to rip their hearts out in one second-stopping instant.


-Simple to play, hard to master.
-Ample arcade-like challenge.
-Great audio feedback.


-Graphics are a mish-mash of simple & amateurish.
-Can get old fast if played in long spurts.


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