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Battle royale games have often struggled to be esports titles, unlike those in the MOBA genre. However, a recent (and very successful) game, Apex Legends, might change that soon but only if it fixes all its problems, according to CS: GO and Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek.

Shroud said (via Dexerto) that Apex Legends has a clear shot at being a proper esports title by solving the problem that afflicts almost every battle royale game: the mid-game in any match. This is because players tend to hide and survive as long as possible to reach the final circle to avoid being eliminated.

“Battle royales need to find a way to eliminate people early to get rid of having 40 people in the last circle.

If they can find a way to balance the game in the sense that there won’t be 40 people at the end circle, maybe only 10 like it should be, then yeah 100% [battle royales as esports] will work.”

The solution to this, according to Shroud, is that Respawn should make it so that the circle would only close if a certain amount of players have been eliminated, which would encourage players to put on a more active and exciting playstyle better suited for esports.

In addition to that, Apex Legends still needs “ironing out” to fix more pressing issues and bugs present in the game before it can become a proper esports title contender. In other recent news, EA confirmed that Apex Legends is going to be released on mobile platforms in the near future (check out the full story here).


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