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Rocksteady Studios is best known for its acclaimed Batman Arkham franchise, the most recent major of which was Batman Arkham Knight in 2015. Almost half a decade has passed, and the developer remains extremely secretive about what game they’re currently working on now, with only the littlest hints about what it could be.

Let’s track back to how we even know that Rocksteady has a game in development. It all started when the company posted job listings over the past few years, many of which mention of looking for people who are “ready for the challenge of producing a AAA title”. That almost certainly means that Rocksteady’s next major game is already in the works.

Rocksteady Studios co-founder Sefton Hill even confirmed as much in a tweet from December 2018, which you can check out below.

That tweet debunked rumors of a World’s Finest or Superman game, but it will likely still be based on DC Comics property, whatever it is. The recent ‘leaked’ Outlaws game has since proven to be fake, so Rocksteady’s new game probably won’t be centered around Batman much anymore.

Our friends over at PC Gamer surmises that Rocksteady’s new game is likely near completion, and could even be announced at the upcoming E3 2019 next month. They also have reason to believe that it will be a live-service game in the vein of Destiny 2 or Fortnite, not offering the same traditional single-player experience from past entries.

However, I believe that Rocksteady still has a close relationship (and probably under contract) with DC Comics, as evident by the fact that the developer has exclusively worked on games based on the comic book publisher’s properties since 2009’s Batman Arkham Asylum. Surely it’s not a coincidence that Hill’s Twitter profile picture is of him with DC Comics co-publisher and CCO Jim Lee.

Until the folks at Rocksteady officially announce something, we will have to remain in the dark for now. Perhaps that might even happen next month at E3 2019, so fingers crossed. With the absence of Sony and other major big-wigs at the upcoming event, there’s a high chance of Rocksteady stealing the show if it finally announces its new game.


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