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Borderlands 3’s Amara & Zane Skill Trees Revealed [Update]

Borderlands wouldn’t be the game it is without its characters and skill trees. And we’ve got a sneak peek at these useful tidbits thanks to Gearbox Software revealing ECHOcast, a Twitch extension that will enhance your Borderlands 3 experience.

Generally, you can check out a streamer’s loadout as you watch and get extra loot from playing along. But you’re not here for that; you’re here because of the headline.

Yes, we have skills and perks details on Vault Hunter Amara (the Siren) and Zane (the gadget man) thank to a recent leak (via PCGamesN). Just like part 2, each character has three skill trees which you can allocate points to.

We don’t have most of it, but we hope this is enough to give you a sneak peek on what to expect and spec. Keep in mind that this is subject to change; this is a leak after all.



You can plan Amara’s skill tree here.

Brawl Skill Tree

  • Phaseslam: Amara leaps into the air and Slams the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them up.
  • One With Nature (5): Amara gains increased max health and elemental damage resistance to her action skill element.
  • Personal Space (3): Amara’s weapon shots do bonus damage based on the distance to her target. The close the target, the greater the bonus.
  • Clarity (5): Amara constantly regenerates health. The lower her health, the more powerful her regeneration. After using an action skill this bonus is doubled for a few seconds.
  • Arms Deal (5): Amara deals increased splash damage and takes reduced splash damage.
  • Root to Rise (5): Amara gains increased max health.
  • Helping Hand(s) (5): For a few seconds after using her action skill, Amara’s arms remain active and grant her damage reduction.
  • Mindfulness (3): Whenever Amara takes damage she gains a stack of mindfulness. For every stack Amara gains improved shield regeneration delay and movement speed. Stacks decay after a few seconds.
  • Find Your Center (1): Amara gains increased melee damage. Additionally, for a few seconds after using her action skill, Amara gains increased melee range.
  • Vigor (3): Killing an enemy with Amara’s action skill grants all allies increased movement speed for a few seconds. This effect stacks.
  • Samsara (3): Whenever Amara deals damage to an enemy with her action skill, she adds a stack of Samsara. For every stack, Amara gains increased gun damage and health regeneration after a few seconds.
  • Do unto Others: Whenever an enemy damages Amara, she automatically throws an energy orb back at them, dealing action skill elemental damage.
  • Job Cross: Whenever Amara deals melee damage to an enemy she gains increased action skill damage and increased weapon damage for a few seconds.
  • Guardian Angel: When Amara enters Fight for your Life, she immediately gains second wind, restores her health, and creates an action skill elemental nova that knocks back nearby enemies. This skill has a long cooldown.
  • Blitz: Melee override. Press the melee button to make Amara dash a short distance forward and perform a special melee strike, dealing elemental melee damage. If a Blitz melee attack kills an enemy. Blitz’s cooldown is immediately reset.

Brawl Augment

  • Glamour: Enemies damaged by Amara’s action skill become confused and temporarily attack their allies. However, action skill cooldown is increased. If Amara targets an enemy with Phasegrasp, enemies near the grasped target are confused as well.
  • Revelation: Amara’s action skill now creates a Nova when it damages enemies
  • Downfall: Amara leaps into the air and shoots an elemental beam below her briefly, followed by a slam.
  • Blight Tiger: Converts Amara’s action skill to corrosive damage. This does not take effect until after Amara uses her action skill.
  • Fracture: Amara summons a handful of fists that erupt from the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of Amara.

Mystical Assault Skill Tree

  • Phasecast: Amara sends forward an Astral Projection of herself, dealing damage to everything in its path
  • Do Harm (5): Killing an enemy grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill
  • Fast Hand(s) (3): Amara’s reload speed, weapon swap speed, and mode switch speed are improved
  • Violent Tapestry (5): Applying an elemental effect grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill consumes all Rush stacks. For every stack of Rush consumed, Amara’s elemental effect chance is temporarily increased
  • Alacrity (5): Amara gains increased reload speed for every stack of Rush. After consuming Rush stacks, this bonus is increased for a few seconds
  • Transcend (3): Amara gains increased accuracy and critical hit bonus for a few seconds after activating her action skill
  • Restless (5): Amara gains increased action cooldown rate
  • Ascendant (1): All action skill augments gain increased effects
  • From Rest (3): Amara gains improved fire rate and charge time
  • Laid Bare (3): Enemies take increased damage from all sources for a few seconds after being damaged by Amara’s action skill
  • Wrath (3): Amara gains increased gun damage. This effect is increased after she activates her action skill for a few seconds

Mystical Assault Augments

  • Soul Sap: A portion of all damage dealt by Amara’s action skill is returned to her or a nearby ally as health
  • Reverberation: Amara sends forward an Astral Porjection of herself, dealing damage to everything in its path. Astral Projection deals increased damage for every enemy it hits
  • Stillness of Mind: Enemies damaged by Amara’s action skill become phaselocked until they are damaged or the duration ends. However, action skill cooldown is increased. If Amara targets an enemy with Phasegrasp, enemies near the grasped target are phaselocked
  • Deliverance: Amara sends forward an Astral Projection of herself, dealing damage to everything in its path. Whenever Amara’s Astral Projection hits an enemy, it releases homing elemental projectiles that trigger her action skill elemental effect on enemies
  • Tandava: Amara sends forward an Astral Projection of herself. When it hits a target, it explodes. damaging all nearby enemies

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree

  • Phasegrasp: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Some enemies are immune to being grasped and instantly take damage instead
  • Anima (5): Amara’s elemental effects deal increased damage over time and have increased duration. Her action skill elemental effect deals further increased damage
  • Steady Hands(s) (3): Amara gains increased weapon handling and accuracy
  • Infusion (5): Convert a portion of damage dealt by Amara’s weapons into her action skill element
  • Tempest: Amara deals increased elemental damage. Shock damage is further increased
  • Illuminated Fist: Amara gains increased melee damage and her melee damage is converted to her action skill element
  • Wildfire: Whenever Amara applies an elemental effect to an enemy, it has a chance to spread to a nearby enemy
  • Dread: Amara’s gun damage is increased for a few seconds after an enemy is grasped. Whenever any player kills a grasped enemy, their current weapon is instantly reloaded.
  • Indiscriminate: Amara’s bullets that damage enemies have a chance to ricochet and deal decreased damage to other nearby enemies. Ricochet chance and damage are increased if the target is currently affected by Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind
  • Deep Well: Amara gains increased magazine size with elemental weapons
  • Catharsis: Whenever Amara triggers an elemental effect on an enemy, when that enemy dies that enemy explodes, dealing her attuned element damage along with any other element that is currently inflicted upon that enemy. This skill has a short cooldown
  • Sustainment: Amara gains Life Steal whenever she deals elemental damage with her weapon
  • Conflux: Whenever Amara applies an elemental effect to an enemy, she gains a chance to randomly electrocute, burn, or melt that enemy
  • Forceful Expression: Amara’s guns deal bonus elemental damage, based on her action skill element

Fist of the Elements Augments

  • Soulfire: Converts Amara’s action skill to fire damage. This does not take effect until after Amara uses her action skill
  • The Eternal Fist: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Whenever the grasped enemy is killed, up to three new targets can be sought out and grasped
  • Allure: Amara’s action skill creates singularities that pull in enemies
  • Ties that Bind: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Enemies near the grasped target are linked, and any damage dealt to a linked target is shared between all other linked targets.
  •  Fist Over Matter: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. After grasping the targeted enemy, large fists appear and constantly smash the area, dealing damage to nearby enemies


Zane The Operative (can use two skills at once)


You can plan Zane’s skill tree here.

Hitman Skill Tree

  • SNTNL: this action skill sends a drone into battle that fires upon foes with its machine guns. Press the Action Skill button or Grenade button while this is active and SNTNL will attack whoever is in your cross-hairs.
  • Violent Speed(5): killing an enemy gives Zane’s increased movement speed.
  • Cold Bore (5): upgrading this skill increases Zane’s weapon swap speed. The shot fired after swapping weapons does bonus Cryo damage.
  • Violent Momentum: Zane’s gun damage increases if he moves. The faster he moves, the more damage he deals.
  • Cool Hand: increased reload speed. Killing an enemy will also gift Zane increased reload speed for a spell.
  • Drone Delivery: SNTNL will occasionally drop a free grenade, depending on the mod you have equipped.
  • Salvation: after killing an enemy Zane’s weapons will acquire Life Steal for a few seconds.
  • Seein’ Red: activating an action skill will activate all of Zane’s Kill Skills.
  • Violent Violence: killing an enemy gives Zane’s weapons an increased fire rate for a few seconds.
  • Paying Dirty: after killing an enemy, Zane’s next five shots all have a chance to fire an additional projectile.
  • Good Misfortune: killing an enemy increases Zane’s Action Skill duration. Be mindful, though, this skill has “diminishing returns”.
  • Death Follows Close: all of Zain’s kill skills gain increased effect and duration.

Hitman Augment

  • Winter’s Drone: converts SNTNL’s damage to cryo damage.
  • Bad Dose: every now and then SNTNL will fire a beam that increases Zane’s movement speed and fire rate, while decreasing enemies movement and attack speed.
  • Boomsday: SNTNL adds a rocket pod to its primary weapons – allowing it to shoot rockets as well as machine guns.
  • Static Field: SNTNL emits a static field that sends a Shock beam to nearby enemies, draining their shields and replenishing Zane’s.
  • Almighty Ordinance: hold down the Action Skill button or the Grenade button while SNTNL is deployed to paint a target area. The drone will then fire a missile barrage at that area, and if the enemy is killed then Almighty Ordinance will be reset.

Under Cover Skill Tree

  • Barrier: Zane deploys a, well, y’know. This Action Skill not only blocks incoming fire for Zane and his allies but will amplify damage if shot through
  • Adrenaline: putting more shields in play will reduce the cooldown on Zane’s Action Skills – can be upgraded five times
  • Hearty Stock: maximum shield capacity can be increased up to three times
  • Ready for Action: increased shield recharge rate and shield recharge delay – can be upgraded up to three times
  • Brainfreeze: scoring a critical hit has the chance to slow the enemy hit with the bullet
  • Stiff Upper Lip: Whenever Zane takes damage he gains resistance to the damage type that hits him
  • Rise to the Occasion: Zane receives health generation – the lower his shields, the faster he heals
  • Confident Competence: when Zane’s shields are active he gains increased gun damage and accuracy
  • Really Expensive Jacket: elemental damage over time effects applied to Zane have reduced duration time
  • Best Served Cold: killing enemies creates a ‘Cryo Nova’ which damages nearby foes
  • Futility Belt: Zane gains resistance to non-elemental damage, which is handy as all elemental damage Zane takes converts to non-elemental damage
  • Refreshment: whenever Zane damages frozen enemies he gets some of that damage back as health
  • Calm, Cool, Collected: freezing an enemy will immediately start recharging Zane’s shield – if shields are full, a bit of health will regenerate. But if his health is already full, Action Skill cooldowns and durations are reset
  • Nerves of Steel: Zane gains increased handling and accuracy – the longer his shield is full, the higher the bonus
  • Distributed Denial: Zane’s barrier gains the effects of his currently equipped Shield Mod. Additionally, shield effects apply to all allies near the barrier, but bonuses to Zane reduce

Under Cover Augment

  • Charged Relay: whenever Zane or an ally touches the barrier, they gain increased fire rate and movement speed for a few seconds
  • Nanites or Some Shite: Zane and his allies gain health regeneration, increased reload speed, and significantly improved shield recharge delay while near his barrier
  • Redistribution: Zane and his allies near the barrier gain increased gun damage for a few seconds after the barrier takes damage
  • All-rounder: Zane’s barrier becomes a dome, covering all sides
  • Deterrence Field: enemies who touch the barrier take electricity damage and become staggered

Doubled Agent Skill Tree

  • Digi-Clone: spawns a clone of Zane that will take the attention of foes – press the Action Skill button or the Grenade button while this is active and Zane will swap places with the clone
  • Synchronicity: whenever one or more of Zane’s action skills are active, he gains increased Gun Damage for each active action skill – you can upgrade this skill five times
  • Praemunitus: Zane and his Digi-Clone gain increased magazine size, and you can upgrade this skill three times
  • Borrowed Time: Zane gains increased Action Skill Duration for every active action skill
  • Donnybrook: whenever Zane kills an enemy, he and his Digi-Clone receive increased gun damage and receive health generation for a few seconds
  • Fractal Frags: the Digi-Clone throws a copy of Zane’s current grenade mod when it first activates. If the Digi-Clone dies, it drops a free grenade
  • Duct Tape Mod: the first shot fired from Zane’s gun also has the chance to shoot a grenade
  • Quick Breather: whenever Zane swaps places with his Digi-Clone his shields begin recharging
  • Pocket Full of Grenades: after killing an enemy, Zane gains grenade generation for a few seconds
  • Old-U: press the Action Skill button or the Grenade button during Fight for Your Life if your Digi-Clone is active to destroy it and gain a Second Wind
  • Supersonic Man: whenever one or more of Zane’s action skills are active, he gains increased movement speed for each active action skill
  • Like a Ghost: Zane and his Digi-Clone gain the chance to ignore bullets – the chances of this increase if an Action Skill is active
  • Boom. Enhance: summoning the Digi-Clone can consume up to three grenades – for each projectile consumed, the Digi-Clone will have increased gun damage, max health, fire rate, and reload speed
  • Trick of the Light: Zane deals bonus shock damage to enemies that aren’t targeting him
  • Double Barrel: the Digi-Clone draws the same gun as Zane – swapping places with the clone causes both of them to gain increased gun damage

Doubled Agent Augment

  • Binary System: whenever Zane swaps places with his clone as ‘Cyro Nova’ spawns around both of them
  • Schadenfreude: Zane’s shield recovers a portion of the damage his Digi-Clone receives
  • Doppelbanger: holding down the Action Skill button or the Grenade button causes the action skill to end early and will make the Digi-Clone explode – dealing fire damage
  • Which One’s Real? Enemies are more likely to target to Digi-Clone when Zane swaps places with it
  • Digital Distribution: if Zane takes health damage while the Digi-Clone is active, a portion of that damage is shared to his clone instead

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