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An In-Depth Beginner’s Guide To Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The developers of Pokemon GO, Niantic, has bestowed the world with a brand-new AR game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! Today, we are going to dive straight into how to get started as a newbie wizard and several tips to help guide you along.

Get Sorted With That Hagrid Tutorial

After signing in with your Facebook or Google account, you’ll be prompted to enter your first and last name (something you can change as many times later). Then your code name (aka your user name). Careful: you cannot change this after locking it in.

After all of this, the main narrator of the game, Constance Pickerings and Harry Potter himself, will give the player a short introduction about the calamity and Foundables.

Shortly after, you will be greeted by a short tutorial featuring everyone’s favourite half-giant, Hagrid! You will be launched into AR mode where you’ll find poor Hagrid caught in some rather strong looking spider webs.

Your job is to free him using a spell, by simply tracing the pattern showed on screen or also known as a Trace, which we will go into detail about shortly. In this case, Hagrid is the first of many Foundables you will be returning to the Registry.

Create A Profile

Now its time to create your Ministry ID! The Ministry ID will serve as your wizard/witch profile which you can show off to your magical peers. This will be where you fill in details like your Hogwarts house and customize your very own wand from Ollivanders!

For roleplaying purposes, you can head to the Pottermore website to take a test for your Hogwarts house and wand type to create a truly immersive experience for yourself.


About Spell Energy

When the player starts the game, the player will have a max of 75 Spell Energy. Actions like casting a spell, to return a Foundable or battling in Fortresses will deplete your Spell Energy rather quickly. If you run out of Spell Energy during one of these encounters, you will have to pay 100 Coins (premium currency) to replenish 50 Spell Energy or be forced to abandon the encounter. We recommend you have a healthy amount of Spell Energy before going into Foundable encounters.

Keep your Spell Energy stocked by visiting Inns or Greenhouses. Inns only reward Spell Energy, however, Greenhouses mainly stock the player with potion ingredients but if you’re lucky, the player can be rewarded with four Spell Energy as well.

Tip: After interacting with an Inn, there is a rather lengthy animation that plays. You can skip this by pressing the X at the bottom to exit out early, you will still get your Spell Energy reward.


In order to become a master wizard, one must first master the art of Traces. Traces are, simply put, patterns that are traced to cast a spell. Depending on how accurate your Traces are will determine how successful you are at returning a Foundable. The success rates for returning Foundables range from Fair, Good, Great and Masterful, each rewarding increasing EXP gain. The player can utilise potions to further increase your success rate.

Tip: The spell pattern will quickly disappear once you start casting the spell, so be quick about it!

harrypotter_04.jpg harrypotter_05

Foundables & The Registry

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite revolves around the player returning Foundables to the Registry in order to stop the Muggle world from finding out about the magical world. Foundables are magical creatures, artefacts or people that are guarded by Confoundables.

These Confoundables can come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it can be a giant, gnomes or a fire breathing chicken and sometimes a tornado, a block of ice or a plain old shackle connected to a heavy metal ball.


Foundables appear in the world as floating icons according to their category/family in the Registry. There are ten different families in the Registry like the Dark Arts family, Hogwarts School family and Magizoology family. Returning Foundables from the corresponding family will contribute to ranking up the particular family. Ranking up the Registry will become essential to earn Scrolls that will be used to unlock skill points for your Profession skill tree and earn Runestones to be used at Fortresses.

Tip #1: If you’re trying to rank up a particular category, there are flags on the map that indicate that a certain area spawns more Foundables from that Registry family.

Tip #2: Rarer Foundables will appear with a column of yellow light. Keep your eyes peeled for them!

Potions & Greenhouses

As a newbie wizard, you will only have to worry about three different types of potions. Baruffio’s Brain Elixir doubles EXP gain, Exstimulo Potion boosts your success rate of returning Foundables and Health Potions restore 35% of your HP during Fortress battles.

Brewing these potions are as simple as tapping on a button but you will have to gather the appropriate ingredients first. To do this, all you have to do is walk around and potion ingredients will randomly spawn around the world space.

Every player starts with a capacity of 200 potion ingredients that will fill up rather quickly, so make sure to do some inventory management from time to time. The storage space can be increased using Coins.


Another way of collecting potion ingredients is from Greenhouses located on the map. At Greenhouses, you can collect an assortment of random ingredients. Other than that, these Greenhouses also contain Pots that can be used by anyone to plant certain ingredients, all you need are Seeds and Water that can also be found randomly on the map.

Once planted, the seeds take a set amount of time to mature, during this time, other players who stumble upon the same Greenhouse can contribute Spell Energy to increase the ingredient yield. After that duration, the planted ingredient will appear around the Greenhouse for everyone to collect. A rather nifty game mechanic if you ask me.

Tip: Use and brew potions liberally as you will collect potions and potion ingredients quite frequently from either levelling up or just playing the game.


Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors are used to at Inns to attract rarer Foundables to spawn nearby the Inn. The strength of the Dark Detectors can be boosted by having a max of three players using a Dark Detector at the same Inn.


Dark Detectors can be earned from levelling up or purchasing them from Diagon Alley (the in-game store).

Portkey Portmanteau

During your journey as a newbie wizard, you will uncommonly come across Portkeys around the map. These Portkeys are like loot chests that require the player to walk a certain distance to unlock. Once unlocked, the player will be launched into AR mode where they can walk through a portal to places like Hagrid’s hut. While in this AR space, players look around their environment to locate 5 Wrackspurts (little glowing orbs) that are hidden around the location.

Don’t worry: you can do this all while sitting down. These Wrackspurts usually reward the player with a variety of rewards such as EXP, Foundable Fragments and potion ingredients.


Portkeys are unlocked using Keys. Every player will be provided with a Golden Key that can be used over and over again permanently. Silver Keys, however, can only be used once, so be wise when using them. Portkeys come in 2km, 5km and 10km variants, so be prepared to grab your walking shoes and a powerbank for your phone.

As of now, in order to gain distance on your Portkey, you need to have the game open. Hopefully, Niantic will implement a feature so that players are able to gain distance even while the game is closed, similar to the Adventure Sync feature in Pokemon GO.

Protip: Only use your Silver Keys for 5km and 10km Portkeys to get the most value out of them.

These have been some of the elements that newbie wizards will come across while first starting out. We mentioned Professions, Fortresses and Runestones earlier on; this is where some of the more complex game mechanics and coordinating with other players, come into the picture.

Rest assured, we will go in-depth about these in a future guide. Stay tuned for that on Kakuchopurei!


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