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Sometimes, video game streamers cross lines they’re not supposed to even set foot on just to get the max amount of views from their respective audience. Such is the case of one Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm who is now suspended from his platform Twitch as of late.

Why is that so? Because according to a Kotaku report, he did a livestream from inside the bathroom at the Los Angeles Convention Centre during E3. And yes, for any young whelp who is attending E3 for the first time, he probably wants to broadcast it to the world and do a series of IRL streams onsite.

Someone forgot to tell him that video recording of any kind in bathrooms are illegal since, well, forever. Or in this instance, it violates the US’ “invasion of privacy” law.  Because that’s what he did for one of his IRL sessions during the first public day of E3 (which was a few hours ago): he and his camera person walked into a public bathroom with the camera rolling. The gaming streamer headed into the men’s toilet, then shouted the word “Bodyguard!” while E3 attendees used urinals in the background. Keep in mind that one of the attendees is presumably a child while thousands of people are watching the stream online.

He also went into one of the stalls, as well as re-enter the bathroom two more times and used the urinal. If you’re curious, do search for the clips or even Twitter photos yourself; we at Kakuchopurei will not put up these clips here because we do care for people’s privacy concerning sensitive matters like this.

Twitch has specifically stated that it forbids people from streaming illegal acts and will not give exception when banning people from doing so. So that’s what they did to Dr Disrespect’s account: they made it inaccessible from Twitch. Update: his E3 badge is also revoked, making this his possibly last E3 event if he doesn’t clean up his act.

Sometimes one does wonder if common sense will prevail when it comes to getting stream views.


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 by MORSLAN in June 12, 2019

srsly, anyone with half brain can realise, it was scamera man mistake and he should be held responsible, not the guy who want to pee. twitch is hilariously histerical, they let HALF NAKED THOTS EWHORE to kids AS YOUNG as 8 ! but when camera idiot walk with you in bathroom- THIS IS WHERE TWITCH DRAWS LANE? THIS IS JOKE WE NEED NEW, MALEish TWITCH, not those soyboys who stare at Thots tits and threw donations, for half nakeed tit ! #FREEDRDISRESPECT #TWITCHPEDOHEAVEN

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