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There’s always room for more Metroidvania 2D action adventure goodness apart from the upcoming Bloodstained and last year’s Dead Cell. The Game Kitchen’s latest, Blasphemous, will enter the field with its own brand of violence and weirdness.

Check out the trailer if you don’t believe me. This seems a little more hardcore and “actioney” than the studio’s last game The Last Door.

So you play a guy named the Penitent One who is cursed to wear a pointy hat and mask. And you have to kill a bunch of monsters and giants to find salvation. This amounts to a lot of 2D action, exploration, and reflex-heavy fights against spooky nuns and a giant screaming infant.

Following the religious and atonement vibe of the game, you can equip rosary beads and send out prayers to bolster your stats. There’s a cool skill tree for you to customize and use so you can augment your 2D attacks.

Plus, these executions are pretty metal.


Team 17 will be publishing the game, which is due for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One later this year. I definitely can’t wait to see if this stacks up with last year’s Dead Cells.

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