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Turns out that not only was Blizzard working on a first-person shooter based in the StarCraft universe for the past two years but was cancelled recently, according to sources at Kotaku. The reason is that the company wanted to put in more resources for the next Diablo and, get this, Overwatch titles.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The cancelled StarCraft FPS project was “like Battlefield in the StarCraft universe”. The Blizzard team had built prototypes where a Terran marine could gun down Zerg aliens. The team also wanted to create playable Zergs.
  • The team, codenamed Ares, was shocked that the project was cancelled weeks ago, despite reports saying the game was “looking quite good”.
  • The cancelled project was the first title to be using the Overwatch engine outside of the 2016 multiplayer shooter as a way to use the same technology to slowly build their newer unannounced games.
  • The lead for the project was veteran Blizzard director Dustin Browder, the former Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II director.
  • The Ares team were thankfully not laid off. Instead, they’re moved to work on either Diablo 4 or Overwatch 2.
  • Both sequels will be marquee announcements at this year’s BlizzCon, though based on last year’s kerfuffle and Diablo 4 no-show, last-minute changes can happen.
  • While Diablo 4 will still be Diablo but bigger, Overwatch 2 (working title FYI) will have a large PvE element akin to Left 4 Dead. But, you know, robots, cyborgs, and mechas.

Bad news for StarCraft fans, but at least there’s a glimmer of hope for players wanting the next Diablo and Overwatch game.


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