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As is usually the case for the Total War franchise, additional blood and gore will be coming to the latest installment, Total War Three Kingdoms, for a price, that is. Creative Assembly has announced that the Reign Of Blood DLC pack will launch next week on 27 June 2019.

According to the Total War Three Kingdoms Reign Of Blood DLC Steam page, players can look forward to these effects:

  • Campaign Effects: New campaign event-pictures depicting blood and gore
  • Campaign Effects: New blood effects for battle-resolution combat animations between characters
  • Battle Effects: Human dismemberment: limb-lops and beheadings 
  • Battle Effects: Equine dismemberment: leg lops
  • Battle Effects: Charred bodies
  • Battle Effects: Blood sprays on weapon impacts
  • Battle Effects: New death animations for characters vs infantry
  • Battle Effects: Dead bodies as battlefield set-dressing
  • Battle Effects: Blood scaler: increase or decrease the level of gore to your tastes

It will be available for a price of $2.99 or roughly around RM12.40. In the meantime, you can check out some of the new blood and gore effects in action in the Reign Of Blood trailer below.


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