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Creative Assembly has opened up the modding floodgates for its strategy game opus Total War: Three Kingdoms recently. As of right now there are now 250 mods for the game available via the Steam Workshop.

If you have done modding for Rome 2 and beyond, the modding tools and UI should be familiar. There are about six year’s worth of resources and tutorials to get you up to speed in case you’re a little rusty or if you’re a modding newbie.


Modding is now made easier; the system is more data driven, while returning mod options have been fleshed out. For instance, the Assembly Kit makes a return with Dave (for database editing), Terry (for battle map creation), BoB (for compilation of pack files), and the Variant Editor (for editing unit model collections). You can also make your own 2D artwork now.

Here’s what you can mod in-game:

  • Startpos
  • CEOs (see below)
  • Database tables
  • Variant mesh definitions
  • Battle maps
  • Lua scripts (thanks to Vandy for his contributions here!)
  • New character portraits.
  • Custom models and animations

You can’t mod the following, however:

  • Campaign battle maps
  • Campaign map hexes (i.e. the logical campaign map)
  • Audio files
  • Game code
  • Creation of battle assets, such as:
    • Prefabs
    • Audio files
    • Composite scenes
    • VFX

Check out the rest of the notes here. Right now, the most popular mod is the Hooveric Reskin that gives units more variation, the Enhanced Battle Camera, the “No Death By Old Age” mod, and Vassal Fix.

Will you be giving these a whirl? Let us know!

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