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If you, like almost half of the player base, are playing Apex Legends on PC, chances are you’ve met hackers in quite a lot of your matches. It’s frustrating to have worked so hard to end up dying to hackers in the top 3. It definitely killed the momentum.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment has been working around the clock trying to one-up these hackers with a current ban count of almost 700k accounts not ever seeing the light of day ever again.

Recently, the community had the opportunity to witness a hacker getting the business end of the banhammer, live on stream.

What Happened?

The ban happened during ShivFPS’ stream in which they were performing quite well up to the point they met the hacker.

Shiv and his team were wiped out by the hacker after a firefight in Bunker, so they stayed back and spectated to confirm their suspicions.

Their suspicions were correct when the accused started breaking shields like there was no tomorrow.

Caution: some profanities involved.


While the hacker was shooting, he suddenly disappeared from the game, as if he was snapped by the Mad Titan himself.

Shiv was hyped to see sweet justice dished out before his very eyes while his audience joined in the hype, spamming “Justice” and emotes in his Twitch Chat.

Hackers Beware

While PC players have struggled to find a string of clean games, its clear proof that Respawn Entertainment has been doubling their efforts in the war against hackers.

So far these are the numbers Respawn managed to share with players as of May:

  • Total bans are now at 770K players
  • We have blocked over 300K account creations
  • We have banned over 4,000 cheat seller accounts

This shows great effort and promises from the developer team in keeping Apex Legends a level playing field reserved only for skill and teamwork.

Now, if only they could do something with keyboard and mouse users on consoles.

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