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Ever since it was announced, a lot of western RPG fans (including myself) have been thoroughly excited for Greedfall, an upcoming open world character-focused RPG. Comparisons with Bioware’s Dragon Age series are unavoidable as the games possess many similar elements.

Greedfall takes place in a setting that heavily resembles 17th century Europe and even centers its story around the tragedies of an exotic island-nation being invaded by outsiders seeking a cure for a deadly plague, but is that all they seek?

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However, the world of Greedfall also has its fair share of fantasy. The island of Teer Fradee is full of strange creatures with some resembling the Leshen monster from the Witcher universe. Magic is also a regularity on the island and some its natives are well-versed in the magical arts.

You are placed into the shoes of an explorer who has also set out to Teer Fradee in search of a cure for the plague, which is affecting you and your mother too. Fortunately, that’s all the backstory the game gives you. A good RPG lets the player create their own backstory or at least the majority of it.

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If like me, you enjoy spending hours on the character creation screen scrutinising every detail that’ll eventually be hidden under a helm (they better give me the option to make helms invisible), then you’re in luck because Greedfall will apparently have a deep character customisation system.

It’s not easy to make a satisfying combat system for party-based action RPG. Starting from Dragon Age 2, Bioware decided to ditch the isometric/top-down camera and went for a third-person hack and slash camera. Tactics and strategy was sacrificed for a system that needed less thinking.

Combining melee weapons, guns, throwables, and magic, Greedfall will also ditch the tactical camera for a more Witcher 3-like experience. Dodging is crucial but I haven’t seen anything resembling a stamina bar so I don’t know that’s going to work but overall, it looks really fun.

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Just like in most Bioware games, pausing in the middle of battle to select particular spells or issue commands to your companions will be doable in Greedfall.

Mention any of Bioware’s RPGs to any of its fans and they’ll usually start waxing lyrical about the companions and the relationships they built with those characters. With differing goals and interests, it’s always fun trying to make sure you balance the happiness of the companions you want in your party.

There’s no doubt that Greedfall has taken many inspirations from Bioware’s beloved companion system. There will be at least five companions for you to include in your three-man party and they all have their unique combat styles, faction loyalty, friendship bonus, and more.

It’s obviously important to ensure you’ve got the right man for the right job. If you need someone who can carry a claymore and swing it across your enemies’ faces, Kurt is the guy you want in your party. Need someone who can dish damage from afar? Aphra would be the better choice.

Bringing your party members for an adventure doesn’t mean they’re only there during fights. They’ll also be there when you speak to many characters you meet on the island. Say something that implies you don’t care about the island’s future and Teer Fradee native Siora will be pretty pissed about it.

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As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’m super excited for this game because the RPG itch that Bioware left in my heart has still not been scratched.

Greedfall comes out 11 September 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can start pre-ordering the game right now through its official website and on Steam.

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