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Happy days are here for retro JRPG fans in the 90s. The touted “Final Fantasy VII killer” back in the day for the Sega Saturn, Grandia, will be out for the Nintendo Switch as part of an HD collection this 16th August courtesy of GungHo America.

Dubbed the Grandia HD Collection, this package features:

  • Both Grandia and Grandia II with remastered HD graphics and sprites
  • Two JRPGs with an endearing cast and a seemingly regular plot that gets a tad epic
  • Two games with a great turn-based battle system with real-time and strategical elements
  • An awesome score by Noriyuki Iwadare, the same guy who made the music for the Lunar games and the third Ace Attorney title
  • The option to switch between Japanese and English audio. Thank Christ, because the English dub for Grandia is f***ing atrocious.

I do hope the version of Grandia in this collection is the Sega Saturn version. And the less said about Grandia III, the better. In any case, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane as a plucky adventurer who wants to explore the great beyond, and an embittered mercenary who has a talking bird dealing with a church girl and a devil lady. Fun!

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