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The Pokémon community seems to only bother talking about the coolest Pokemon or the most badass Pokémon or the cutest Pokémon. Well, I’m here to hit you across the face with the cold, hard truth. There are Pokémon that exist purely to be trash, metaphorically and literally.

Some of them exist purely to troll people and some are just the result of lazy design. But of course, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions of the TOP 50 Worst Pokémon Ever. Please @ me…*psst* @kaekaemon on Twitter *ahem*


1. Delibird


RNG is a fun and interactive game mechanic. I beg to differ. Delibird’s signature move, ‘Present’ is the definition of RNG trash. Whenever the move ‘Present’ is used, it has a chance to either damage or heal its opponent.

Imagine being so close to finishing off your opponent then Delibird decides to flip a coin and heal your opponent. Then you might ask me, why use Delibird in the first place? To that, I say, get out of here with your common sense and logic.

2. Slowbro



Slowbro walks around with a Shellder parasite attached to its tail, allow me to quote the Bulbapedia, “Shellder developed its spiral form in an effort to suck more sweetness out of Slowbro’s tail”. I guess Shellder should be the villain here but I’m blaming Slowbro for not doing anything about it.

3. Muk


Well, what more can I say about this absolute unit of a Pokémon? Muk is actually just a moving pile of toxicity, reminds me of a certain social media platform with a bird logo.

4. Lickitung


Pokémon Company: Alright team! We need a new Pokemon, GO!
Unpaid Intern: I like licking things.
Pokémon Company: WE LOVE IT! Let’s get a Pokémon that licks things! Cool. Thank you, next!

5. Slakoth


Oh boy, I remember spending roughly 30 minutes running around Petalburg Woods specifically looking for this guy. Was it worth it? Absolutely not.

Let me read from the Pokémon Sapphire Pokedex entry: “Slakoth’s heart beats just once a minute. Whatever happens, it is content to loaf around motionless. It is rare to see this Pokémon in motion”.

Good god, can I be reborn as a Slakoth? Thank you very much in advance.

6. Spoink


Imagine just dying if you stop jumping? Well, Spoink doesn’t have to imagine. If a Spoink for whatever reason stops jumping, its heart stops and commits unalive. What a cursed existence.

7. Tropius


I guess someone at the Pokemon Company office must’ve really wanted to see a banana tree fly for whatever reason. Does it make sense? No. Is Tropius at least a cool looking Pokemon? Debatable.

8. Male Combee


Similar to bees in real life, male Combees purely exist to serve their queen bee, Vespiquen. If you ever wanted to get yourself a Vespiquen, good luck cuz you’ll be collecting male Combees all day and all night.

9. Probopass


Probopass nose nothing but the nose and only nose the nose. Probopass will nose his way into your business until he nose all, Probopass nose no bounds. Too many nose puns? Only Probopass nose.

10. Trubbish


Remember how I said some Pokemon are literal trash? Well, this is it. Trubbish. Wait until you meet his older brother; he’s garbage.


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 by Weirdboi in October 1, 2019

Some of the things stated here doesn't make them the worst pokemon in existence, some of them even are cool.

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