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The first Luigi’s Mansion had us exploring and ghost-busting in… Luigi’s Mansion. In the second game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, we had to cleanse five different mansions from the apparitions that haunt them. Now in Luigi’s Mansion 3, we’re letting Luigi go on a vacation that he definitely deserves.

Just kidding! Luigi is about to the get Hotel Transylvania treatment and this time it’s our duty to help him banish the boo-ers in the Last Resort hotel.

luigi garden suites

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct showed us a glimpse of the fearful floors that await us. There’s going to be a Garden Suite with overgrown foliage, Castle MacFrights tainted in medieval macabre, the Tomb Suites full of sands, snakes, mummies, and more.

But fear not! Luigi’s Mansion 3 will also have a multiplayer mode called Scream Park where you and 7 other friends can play using a single Nintendo Switch console provided you have 8 joy-cons lying around. It’s a team-based 4v4 competitive mode and the team who takes out the most ghosts win.

luigi mansion 3 a

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is scheduled to be released on Halloween, 31 October 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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