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Happy frag Friday, everyone!

If you’ve played Borderlands 2 lately, you’ll get in tune with Borderlands 3 for the most parts. Most of the same tips & tricks from parts 1 and 2 apply here, but there are some changes you need to keep in mind.

Let’s talk about them in protip feature form so that you can shave time off from fiddling around with the game and help your online buddies kill stuff with as little hassle as possible. Note: we’re using PC inputs.

Oh, and  if you need stuff like a  story recap or a Vault Hunter build to refer to, we’ve got you sorted:

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You Can Fast Travel To Your Vehicle

Borderlands 3 is fairly generous with fast travel, allowing players to teleport to designated nodes in each area from anywhere at any time. But did you know you can also fast travel to your vehicle from anywhere?

Once you reach the end of a shooting corridor as part of a side mission and want to keep exploring the zone, don’t trudge back: fast travel! Just click and hold onto your vehicle’s location on the map and you’ll pop over instantly.

You Can Check Your Mail For Free  Loot

Sometimes after completing quests, or just out of nowhere, you’ll get a notification that you’ve received mail. However, it’s not located anywhere on your in-game inventory or where your skill trees are.

You have to press ESC and head to the “Social” menu to read email. You can get a ton of free guns and cosmetics this way.

You Should Prioritize Backpack SDU Upgrades…

You will score a lot of loot, which means you’ll have less space in your inventory. So you’ll need to save up cash and buy backpack SDUs on Sanctuary.

If you feel the urge for more space, just get more bank space and lost loot space. You can’t have too much storage space in a game containing a “bazillionder” guns, right?

…And First Tier Ammo Space Too

Running out of ammo in the first few hours of Borderlands 3 really, really bites. So what do you do if you’re not a crack shot? Easy: just upgrade the first tier and second tier of ammo reserves at Marcus’ ship Sanctuary.

More bullets, less problems. In other words, start opening as many lockers and chests as possible for more moolah.

Clear Remaining Sidequests When You Finish The Campaign

You don’t need to clean up every sidequest before you leave a zone. Once you finish the game, all sidequests will be matching to your level and will continue levelling up with you.

Use The Ping System

We cannot stress this enough, especially if you plan on not using a mic when playing. Press X while looking at an enemy and it’ll outline them in red for the whole team. Point at a gun and it’ll highlight it in blue.

Point at a friendly and it’ll highlight them in green. It’s especially helpful when things get hectic and your team needs to get rid of a particularly tough enemy.


Figure Out How To Equip Gun  Ornaments & Skins

It’s quite a hassle to do this, so let’s break it down for you.

You equip each cosmetic in a completely different place. For ornaments, just look at the empty nodule to the left of your equipped weapons in the inventory screen. Click it and equip some doo-dads for a little colour.

For weapon skins, highlight a weapon and press E to inspect it. From there you can press X to equip a weapon skin. This is unnecessarily convoluted; hopefully, there’s a future patch to fix this.

Don’t Get Too Attached To Your Low-Level Legendaries

Just like in Borderlands 2, you want loot to match your current level. But there comes a time when your Legendary drop can help you out for a few levels.

They’ll eventually turn obsolete, so don’t be afraid to sell them off. You’ll be getting better ones down the road; it just takes time and some grinding.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Eridium

Earl sells cool cosmetics in exchange for a lot of Eridium. In the first few hours, it’s hard to come by. But in the late game, you’ll be swimming in the stuff, so have patience and just focus on the main game.

Do Not Start True Vault Hunter Mode Immediately

You’re better off working through the three levels of Mayhem Mode. Each consecutive level beefs up enemy difficulty and rare loot drop rates.

With a couple of difficult, repeatable missions to play over and over, it’s the best way to hit the level cap, farm Guardian Rank points, and find cool legendary guns and gear.

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