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Who Will The Rest Of The Suicide Squad Cast Play As? Let’s Take A Guess…

While we still have a whole two years before James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad arrives, the director has already revealed the full cast for the upcoming movie. The list includes a whopping 24 actors and actresses, only four of which will be reprising their roles from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

The four are Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, and Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag.

There are also unconfirmed reports that state newcomers Steve Agee as King Shark, Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher, David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man, John Cena as Peacemaker, and Idris Elba as Bronze Tiger.

That leaves 15 names unaccounted for, in as-of-yet unconfirmed roles. This includes:

  • Storm Reid
  • Joaquín Cosio
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Mayling Ng
  • Flula Borg
  • Sean Gunn
  • Juan Diego Botto
  • Pete Davidson
  • Taika Waititi
  • Alice Braga
  • Tinashe Kajese
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Julio Ruiz
  • Jennifer Holland
  • Michael Rooker

The only thing we know for sure so far is that Zatanna won’t be in the movie, which was confirmed by Gunn himself in a recent tweet.

Because of that, I’ll base my choices on past members of the Suicide Squad through every iteration of the team in the comics and villains who are non-members, as well as who I think is best suited for that role. Heck, some of these actors might even be playing heroes instead of villains.

In addition, Gunn warned viewers in his The Suicide Squad announcement tweet to “not get attached.” That means several of these actors and actresses will likely only have small cameo roles in the upcoming movie.

Keep in mind almost all of this is mere speculation for now.

Steve Agee (King Shark)

King Shark is a pretty popular villain and a mainstay of the Suicide Squad in the comics. He is pretty much what his name suggests, as he is a giant man-shark creature. He was originally slated to appear in 2016’s Suicide Squad, but it was cheaper and more practical to use Killer Croc instead.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports strongly suggest that Steve Agee will be providing the voice for a fully-CGI King Shark.

Daniela Melchior (Ratcatcher)

Ratcatcher started as a Batman villain, who has the ability to control an army of rats and wields a gas gun, which can manipulate various things with cyanide gas. Gunn will be genderbending the character by casting Melchior into the role, as the character is male in the comics.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports strongly suggest that she will be playing Ratcatcher.

David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man)

Polka-Dot Man is one of many gag villains introduced during the Silver Age of DC Comics when many comic book villains were colourful and funny instead of actually being menacing in any way. Starting as a Batman villain, he never posed much of a threat.

His shtick is that the dots on his costume each has a gimmick or gadget. For example, one of his dots may turn out to be a projectile weapon or it could be used for gliding through the air.

Dastmalchian is no stranger to comic book movies, as he previously appeared in CW’s The Flash as tech-mage villain Abra Kadabra. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports strongly suggest that he will be playing Polka-Dot Man.

John Cena (Peacemaker)

Peacemaker is an obscure anti-hero that’s never actually been a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics. He’s a deadly vigilante, who’s also mentally unstable, as he believes that the ghosts of the people he killed are collected inside his helmet (including his own father), offering him the occasional advice and commentary.

I don’t know if John Cena will be able to pull this off, but judging from his performance in 2018’s Bumblebee, he will likely be charming enough to pull off a goofy but fun portrayal of Peacemaker.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports strongly suggest that John Cena will be playing the Peacemaker.

Idris Elba (Bronze Tiger)

Ben Turner AKA Bronze Tiger is a supervillain and sometimes anti-hero in the comics. He doesn’t have any powers, but he makes up for it with martial arts expertise and deadly combat skills.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports strongly suggest that Idris Elba will be playing the Bronze Tiger.

Storm Reid (Idris Elba’s character’s daughter)


As far as I know, Bronze Tiger doesn’t have a daughter in the comics. As such, she could just be playing the part of Bronze Tiger’s daughter the same way Shailyn Pierre-Dixon portrayed Deadshot’s daughter in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

Besides, Storm Reid is 16 years old in real life. I don’t think she’s old enough to be part of the Suicide Squad just yet.

Joaquín Cosio (Solomon Grundy)

Joaquín Cosio is a Mexican actor, who recently played Don Neto in Narcos: Mexico and voiced Scorpion in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. I reckon that he would maybe a good choice for playing Solomon Grundy via motion capture in the vein of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in the MCU.

For those unfamiliar with Solomon Grundy, he’s basically a zombified DC version of Hulk.

Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern)

I have no idea who Nathan Fillion would be a good fit for. This might be wishful thinking but he has always to be Green Lantern. So why not?

Mayling Ng (Lady Shiva)

While Lady Shiva has never been a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics, she is one of the best melee fighters in the DC universe. Even the likes of Batman and Deathstroke would think twice before engaging her in battle.

Not only is Mayling Ng Asian (just like Sandra Wu-San AKA Lady Shiva), she is also a black belt martial artist and fitness champion in real life.

Flula Borg (Multiplex)

Multiplex is a villain with the ability to create duplicate bodies of himself. While this doesn’t sound impressive on paper, there’s supposedly no limit to how many clones he can make.

Flula Borg is an actor best known for being that German guy in the German acapella group in Pitch Perfect 2. I just think that he would rock Multiplex.

Sean Gunn (Nemesis)

Sean Gunn is actually the brother of director James Gunn, and this could be one of his smaller roles or cameos, just like his role as Ravager member Kraglin in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies.

Nemesis is a secret-agent type man who’s working for the US government, so he could be the opposing force to Rick Flagg’s (Joel Kinnaman) command. He also falls in love with Nightshade, another Suicide Squad member.

Juan Diego Botto (Count Vertigo)

Juan Diego Botto is another Mexican actor, who I think would suit Count Vertigo. He’s a pretty prominent enemy of Green Arrow, who has the power to disrupt his enemies’ minds and disorient them with a so-called Vertigo Effect.

Pete Davidson (Black Spider)

Pete Davidson is a young actor who I think would suit the role of Black Spider. This villain is basically DC’s version of Spider-Man, albeit one who’s a straight-up villain. It’ll be ironic to see DC’s “Spider-Man” on the big screen, especially after Marvel and Sony’s deal recently breaking down.

Taika Waititi (Parasite)

Taika Waititi will probably have just a cameo role in The Suicide Squad, perhaps a fully-CGI character like Parasite, the same way that he voiced Korg in the MCU.

Alice Braga (Nightshade)

Nightshade is actually a heroine who often finds herself at the wrong side of the law, with the powers to teleport herself to another dimension called the Land of Nightshades.

Tinashe Kajese (Vixen)

Vixen is actually a prominent hero who’s actually been a member of the Justice League in the comics. Tinashe Kajese would make a great Vixen.

Peter Capaldi (King Faraday)

Peter Capaldi AKA the 13th Doctor has the gravitas necessary to bring King Faraday to life, a secret agent character similar to Marvel’s own Nick Fury.

Julio Ruiz (Copperhead)


A relatively unknown actor, I believe that Julio Ruiz could be playing an expendable character like Copperhead, who possesses snake-like abilities.

Jennifer Holland (Killer Frost)

Killer Frost is one of the most popular ice-based DC villains after Mr Freeze so it would be great to see her in The Suicide Squad.

Michael Rooker (Merlyn)

Merlyn is the nemesis of Green Arrow, whom I think Michael Rooker would fill the shoes of rather nicely.

Those are my guesses so far. What do you think; are we on or off the mark? Let us know on this feature or on Facebook.


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