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It’s finally October, which means the new Apex Legends Season 3 features are going live today.

The introduction of a brand new map, a new Legend, and a new weapon means that there’s a lot for both veterans and newcomers to learn. Here are some of the most noteworthy new features that you guys should know about if you want to make sure you can conquer World’s Edge, the new Apex Legends map.

Follow The Damn Train


As I expected, that train in the Season 3 trailer is definitely a part of the new map and it will be one hell of an interesting addition. The train will move around World’s Edge and nothing stops you from landing on top of it at the start of a match, assuming you know how to stick a landing.

Be mindful of other players on the train while you’re collecting the loot on it. There’s a control console in one of the carriages which can be interacted with to either stop or start the train. A very handy function when you consider how the trail will eventually move in and out of the safe zone.

Geysers Are Great


You’ll find a few geysers around World’s Edge which can be used to boost you up and allow you to glide a certain distance. They basically work like the balloons in Kings Canyon. Those balloons can still be found in World’s Edge, by the way.

Shoot Down That Drone!


Crypto, the new Legend who’s known in-universe as a legendary hacker, has some really cool skills centered around his aerial camera drone. His main tactical skill is called Surveillance Drone and it’s used to deploy a drone that remains in the field as long as it’s not destroyed. Once destroyed, there’s a cooldown lasting 40 seconds.

The drone can be remotely controlled to fly around a certain perimeter away from Crypto. If you spot enemies, they will be marked and will become visible even through walls. However, you’ll have to position Crypto in a safe place because you can’t control him and the drone at the same time.

Looking at a banner while you’re flying the drone will show you how many enemies squads are within the range of the drone. You can also open and close doors from a distance while using the drone. A great way to confuse other players.

With his passive skill Neurolink, the marked enemies will also be visible to your teammates. Resuming control of Crypto will simply leave the drone to hover where you last left it.

Crypto’s ultimate is Drone EMP. The drone takes a few seconds to charge it up and upon release, will deal 50 shield damage, slow enemies who are within the blast radius, and will also destroy traps.

Large And In Charge (Rifle)

charge rifle

In the Season 3 trailer, we saw Crypto using the new Charge Rifle to take out Caustic. As shown in the trailer, the Charge Rifle will take a few seconds to charge up but the thin laser beam it emits while charging up still does damage so don’t if you find yourself getting aimed, quickly find cover…

Because the charged up release of the weapon will deal a devastating amount of damage. It’s classed a sniper rifle and has three attachment slots: extended mag, stock, and sight. Of course, it uses energy ammo.

Become A Vault Hunter


World’s Edge introduces Vaults. These Vaults contain purple and gold loot. To open them, you’ll need to gather Vault Keys. To get Vault Keys, you’ll need to work together with the Crimson Raiders and sign up to be a Vault Hunter.

Okay, I kid. You can get Vault Keys from spherical containers being flown around by drones in the map. The spheres will switch between three colours: gold, purple, and blue. As you can guess, those determine what kind of loot you’ll get after you shoot them off the drones. Sometimes, you’ll get Vault Keys from those spheres.

vault key

Alright, that’s pretty much everything I want to share. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am for Season 3 and all of these new features. For more info and updates on Apex Legends, stay tuned onto Kakuchopurei.

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