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The next Battlefield V expansion, Chapter 5: War In The Pacific, is slated to launch in update 5.0 on 31 October 2019, bringing with it content like new factions, weapons, vehicles, elites and rewards.

What’s interesting is that everyone can experience Battlefield V Chapter 5: War In The Pacific by taking part in the free trial this weekend, from 1 November to 4 November 2019.

Battlefield V Chapter 5: War In The Pacific will add the following:

  • New factions
    • U.S. Armed Forces
    • Imperial Japanese Army
  • New maps
    • Iwo Jima
    • Pacific Storm
    • Wake Island (Coming In December)
  • New weapons
    • Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle (Recon class)
    • Type 100 Japanese SMG (Medic class)
    • M1919A6 medium machine gun (Support class)
  • New battle pickups
    • Katana
    • M2 FlamethrowerBattlefield V 3
  • New vehicles
    • M4 Sherman
    • Type 97
    • LVT and Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks
    • Dinghy
    • MB Jeep
    • Type 95 car
    • F4U Corsair
    • Japanese Zero FighterBattlefield V 4
  • New elites
    • Jack Culver
    • Keisuke Nakamura

How To Take Part In The Battlefield V Free Weekend

Battlefield V 5

Players across all platforms can already pre-download the upcoming Battlefield V free weekend by heading to the following links:

Progression will be saved and carried over if free weekend trial players purchase the full version of Battlefield V on any platform afterwards. In the meantime, check out the explosive new trailer below.


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