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Are you still playing Borderlands 3? Of course you are; this game is still getting bonuses and updates, you’d be silly not to.

If you’re short on Eridium, fret not: this week from 15th October (3pm PDT) to 22nd October, Eridium drops will be bumped up significantly. Here’s the breakdown:

  • regular enemies  will be dropping Eridium,
  • Mayhem mode Eridium drops will also be boosted,
  • Moxxi’s Vault Line slot machine will cost less Eridium to play, meaning more opportunities for more Purple and Legendary items,
  • Crazy Earl’s Eridium-only shop will be offering discounts. You can get Anointed weapons and cosmetics from this whackjob, in case you forget.

Just a heads up: you’ll need to complete one-third of the story mode to be able to smash apart Eridium deposits to collect these bad boys (ie: the bit where you unlock Eden-6).

So what’s next for Borderlands 3‘s Octoberfest? Well, there’s Week 4’s Mayhem on Twitch and Week 5’s Spooky Surprise where you get to farm an undead version of Traunt. For more Borderlands 3 from Kakuchopurei, you can either read our (kinda) glowing review or visit our guides below. We even managed to find the best tales in the game’s mess of a narrative; we’re that good!

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