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When looking at the success of online mobile games, it’s hard to blame game developers and publishers for shifting more attention towards smartphones instead of PC and consoles. Pokemon GO continues to be a prime example of an extremely successful mobile title.

The latest findings by Sensor Tower indicates that Pokemon GO has just surpassed US$3 billion in lifetime gross revenue. In 2019 alone, the game has raked in more than US$774 million in user spending. The game’s best year remains to be 2016 where it grossed more than US$832 million.


On average, Niantic has been making more than US$750 million each year since the release of Pokemon GO.

To give you guys a perspective of how big US$3 billion is, here are some easy-to-understand comparisons:

US$3 billion is approximately equivalent to:

  • Selling 7.5 million units of PS4 Pro.
  • Selling 10 million units of Nintendo Switch.
  • 35% of League of Legends lifetime revenue. LoL has existed since 2009. Pokemon GO started in 2016.
  • Selling 50 million copies of a US$60 game. This comparison was made by video games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who also noted that it’s more Pokemon X/Y, Sun/Moon, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire combine.

Pokemon GO fans were definitely excited for the introduction of Team Rocket which was put into the game through an update that dropped earlier this year. Tower Sensor notes that this was what encouraged users to spend more on the app. It’s estimated that players have spent US$67.8 million in the month of October.

For more insight into what Sensor Tower gathered in their findings, check out their official blogpost here.

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