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We’re still a few weeks away from Christmas but Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has already surpassed Santa in terms of being a giver of gifts. More and more new monsters keep on being added for free, with a very angry Zinogre making its appearance soon.

The Stygian Zinogre will be making its Monster Hunter World debut in an upcoming free update that will be launched on 5 December 2019. The monster is a subspecies of the Zinogre that emits red and black lightning due to absorbing bugs that eat Dragonfell berries. It will inflict Dragon element damage, which means players must be properly geared up before facing one of these angry boys.

It gets even better because the Stygian Zinogre is part of a big content update that will be coming on 5 December 2019. The most mysterious and interesting tease is an image tweeted out by the official Monster Hunter Twitter page showing what seems to be a new elder dragon.


We are also given a sneak peek of a Chinese New Year-themed event which will be the first seasonal event for Iceborne.EKH8gbtXYAAKYGC

All this and more will be revealed in detail in an upcoming developer diary video that Capcom will release a day before the update launches. For more news and updates on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, stay tuned on Kakuchopurei.

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