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[Report] The Next Assassin’s Creed Will Feature Vikings & Ragnarok

Take this next tidbit with a grain of salt: apparently, Ubisoft plans to take the Assassin’s Creed franchise Norse.

Codenamed “Kingdom”, Ubisoft’s upcoming AC title will be centered around Vikings. The game’s official title will be Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok, and will be out for current-gen and next-gen consoles -the PS5 and Xbox  Scarlet- in fall 2020.

Here are more tidbits (via Daily Gaming Reporting):

  • The game is set to be revealed on a PlayStation event on February 2020.
  • The setting will be during  800BC, with its map including Scandinavia and a big part of England that includes London and Plymouth.
  • The title will bring back the Brotherhood system; you can recruit NPCs to your Assassin Viking cause.
  • The game’s narrative will be focused on revenge, as well as planting the seed of the First Civilization narrative that’s been in the series since AC Origins.
  • For those who like Layla  Hassan’s story, AC Ragnarok will be concluding that present-day arc.
  • Just like with Origins and Odyssey, they’ll be some mythical and supernatural elements in AC Ragnarok. Your Assassin Viking can visit Asgard, Jottunheim, and other places as well as talk to gods like Odin and Loki.
  • If you really enjoyed AC Odyssey like Alleef Comicslord did, you’ll be pleased to know that AC Ragnarok isn’t going to shake up that formula. They’ll be improved mechanics and further  RPG mechanics though.

This sounds pretty awesome,  assuming it’s all true. It bites that the  AC  series aren’t using ninjas and Feudal Japan for their next setting, but seeing assassins going all plundering and Viking-ey is probably the next best thing.


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