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Borderlands 3’s first-ever major DLC, Moxxi’s Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot, will be out later this week. Apart from a whole new bunch of Handsome Jack-slash-casino-themed levels, the game will bring back one of Borderlands 2’s most prominent enemies: the bots.

We can’t say much about the expansion until it’s officially out, but we can say this: you will be fighting a lot of mechs and Hyperion bots, the only race in the game to have full armoured health bars. This means you’ll need to stock up on Corrosive elemental guns to effectively melt them to scrap.

Here are our top weapon picks and where to farm them. If possible, aim for the guns that give you a long damage/elemental damage buff after you perform an action skill. Oh, and do your loot runs on the Mayhem 4 modifier to get the most out of your legendary boss loot rates.

Corrosive Cutsman


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Where To Farm This: Borman Nates, Meridian Outskirts.

Any seasoned Borderlands 3 player would know the power of elemental Cutsman SMGs at this point; they sorta split in two and are tethered by a line, and they kill most things dead if they’re close to each other.

If you happen to come across one that’s anointed like the one above, you can cut most enemies down like its namesake.

Corrosive Crossroads


Where To Farm This: Katagawa Jr in Atlas HQ. In case you forget, he’s the boss of that area.

Another super powerful SMG and one of my favourite go-to boss killers. It consumes 2 ammo and fires 3 projectiles per shot in 6 bursts. That equals a lot of crits.

Just be warned: this gun will burn through ammo unless you’re Moze and have most of her Bottomless Mags skill tree active.

Corrosive Laser-Sploder


Where To Farm This: Sylestro in Tanzendeer Ruins.

A crowd-pleaser Assault Rifle, this gun does sustained corrosive damage plus some bonus explosions via rockets. God bless Torgue and their booms.

Corrosive The Butcher


Where To Farm This: Raging Titan in Slaughter Shaft.

There aren’t that many shotguns with corrosive element, so the Butcher is your best bet. In case a Loader bot gets up in your face, switch to this and let the buckshots fly.

Corrosive Nemesis


Where To Farm This – Mouthpiece in Ascension Bluff

If you prefer pistols, the Nemesis can inflict Shock damage in addition to its primary elemental. Two for the price of one, alongside the Dahl-patented 3-shot burst and semi-auto modes.

Some of these Hyperion bots will pack some of that blue-coloured protection goodness, so it’s best to have a sidearm that takes care of both shield and armour.

Corrosive The Dictator


Where To Farm This – The Agonizer 9000 in Guts of Carnivora.

I’m usually in favour of the Shreddifier when it comes to Vladof assault rifles, but I’m willing to give this one a chance.

The gun fires three bullets in a horizontal line in rifle mode, seven in bipod mode. It can either land all of its bullets onto one critical spot, or multiple crit points when shot from afar. Long story short, it’s a worthy test for the upcoming bot-filled DLC.

That’s our tips for now. If you have other Corrosive suggestions, let us know either here or on Facebook.

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