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[Report] Microsoft Is Still Going To Make A Cheaper & Disc-Less Next-Gen Xbox

Yes, we know the Xbox console dubbed Project Scarlett is going to “set a new bar for console power, speed, and performance”. What isn’t common knowledge is that its creator Microsoft is also working on a cheaper and disc-less version of the Scarlett.

Its code name? Lockhart, according to four people briefed on the company’s plans (via Kotaku). Here’s what we know about the next-gen low-end console:

  • Much like how the high-performance Project Scarlett console Anaconda will succeed the Xbox One X, the Lockhart will succeed the Xbox One S. 
  • Developers will be supporting both Anaconda and Lockhart. 
  • The Lockhart will basically be similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of raw graphical power. 
  • The Lockhart will also have a solid-state drive, which will impact loading time for games significantly. 
  • The Lockhart also has a faster CPU than any current video game console, which means higher frame rates. There’s no word on the console’s clock speed and cooling though.
  • Microsoft plans to make 4K resolution and 60fps the norm for the Anaconda, while the Lockhart will feature 1440p resolution and 60fps. This is the target that Microsoft is pushing developers to hit when making their games.
  • To keep in sync with its xCloud streaming service plan, the Lockhart will be heavily promoted with that cloud gaming service and Xbox Game Pass subscription. Essentially, you’ll have a s***load of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games to play when the disc-less cheap console is out.

The future of gaming is looking pretty nifty, with the PS5 and these two versions of Xbox Project Scarlett going head-to-head with each other in 2020 and beyond. We sure live in exciting times, eh?

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