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Let’s no kid ourselves. We may have started watching The Mandalorian because of Din Djarin the Mando, but we stayed until the end for Baby Yoda. In an attempt to keep the adorable creature a secret, available Baby Yoda merchandise so far hasn’t been great. That will soon change, as Sideshow has announced The Child Life-Size Figure, created in partnership with Legacy Effects.

The Sideshow Baby Yoda figure is a detailed 1:1 scale Star Wars collectible, measuring 16.5 inches tall and standing on a simple black podium base that lets this cute alien steal all of the focus.  It also comes with a tan fabric coat worn by Baby Yoda and the silver shift knob from the Mando’s ship Razor Crest, which it can hold in its right hand.

Every inch of this authentic Baby Yoda figure has been meticulously detailed to recreate everything that Star Wars fans love about it, from the little fuzz on its wrinkled head to its irresistible wide eyes and even its tiny waddling feet.

Priced at US$350 (or roughly RM1430+), the Sideshow Baby Yoda figure is expected to arrive sometime between August to October 2020, with pre-orders now already open on the official website. Check out the adorable Baby Yoda figure below.

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