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Kakuchopurei’s Best Of 2019: Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare

For a series supposedly beaten to death like a proverbial horse corpse, the latest Call of Duty is attempting a lot of new things. Best of all, it distinctively impresses by nailing most of its new theatrics.

Case in point, the single-player campaign. The 8 hours-or-so multi-protagonist approach to a modern combat story works, especially if you’re fighting in public locations where either cover is limited or the area is so vast, you’ll have trouble finding where enemies are spawning from.

And yes, you will believe a stealth mission where you form a slow-moving conga line to assault terrorists in a suburban setting can be nerve-wracking and tense.


These segments don’t wear out their welcome; they are just at the right length to keep the pace smooth and exciting. Even so, you’re jumping on-board this version of Modern Warfare not for its story, as great as it’s designed.

You’re here for the multiplayer, and suffice to say, your plate will be filled.

I personally don’t gel with the whole competitive FPS multiplayer affair in the long run, but I can respect Infinity Ward for “rebooting” the gunplay & system, while taking many huge chances to shake the competitive meta up.

From the “intimate” Gunfight mode (1v1 or 2v2) to the “beat Battlefield at its own game” Ground War mode, everything about the game’s multiplayer is well-thought-out and not showing signs of slowing down.

Also, the best players here are the ones who are patient, methodical, and can aim under pressure. No spray-and-pray nonsense here.

The team is even transparent about its roadmap and reveals as of late; that’s how dedicated they are in keeping their current player base satiated. Time will tell if this works after 6 months, but even a curmudgeon like me can admit that an old war dog can still learn some new tricks.



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