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New Warhammer 40k Game Dakka Squadron Makes You An Ork Pilot

There’s a lot of Warhammer 40k video games out there, but we haven’t gotten one about Ork planes before. Until now.

Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron is described as a “fast-paced, aerial shooter where the player is an Ork Flyboy, taking to the skies to do what Orks do best – fight!” It’s being made by Phosphor Games Studio, and it’ll be flying its way onto consoles and PC.

You’ll be able fly Ork aircraft like the Dakkajets, Burna-Bommas, and Blitza-Bommas, and equip them with a variety of weapons. The website also says that you can learn special manoeuvres, suggesting some sort of RPG-esque progression.

There are also different Ork clans, each with unique features. The Blood Axes’ culture, for instance, lets them pull off more special manoeuvres while the Goffs are tankier and do more damage. Other clans include the Bad Moons, Death Skulls, and Evil Sunz.

The website lists other features as well:

  • Hone your skills to climb the ladder of the Ork faction; start off as a lowly Flyboy and conquer worlds to become a Warboss.
  • Explore incredible environments across multiple planets through a 20+ mission campaign.
  • Fantastic voice over acting and dialogue unveil a complex plot and capture the grim humour of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  • Complete missions, perform challenges and unlock achievements to discover powerful Orky weapons and receive incredible fighta upgrades.
  • Master dogfighting, dive-bombing, and carpet bombing and use different playstyles to complete varied air to air, and air to ground missions.
  • The first video game built from the ground up by Orks for Orks.

I’m not sure how a game about Warhammer 40k’s Orks can have a complex plot, but the concept of the game definitely seems fun. If you’re hoping to pilot non-Ork planes, however, you’ll have to make do with the Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance boardgame.

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