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No Man’s Sky, the ever-growing open-world space game, has a new update, and it’s one that lets you hatch, grow, and pilot a living spaceship. It’s weird enough that I’m feeling the urge to try the game.

The Living Ship update introduces ships that are also “strange and beautiful creatures with lives of their own”. To get them, players will have to visit the Space Anomaly and go after something called the Void Egg. There are also new missions that explain the Korvax experiments that resulted in the creation of your living ship.

These living ships are “uniquely grown” and procedurally-generated, so whatever you hatch will be different from what your friend hatches. Instead of getting upgrades like non-living ships, these ones get unique internal organs that grant them abilities.

Hello Games’ enthusiasm for the living aspect doesn’t stop there. They’ve ensured that players have to pilot their living ships with “vein-covered tendrils”, and promised that it looks “unsettling” in VR. I’m utterly fascinated now.


Living ships aside, the update will add new space encounters and new space lifeforms and objects to No Man’s Sky. Hello Games also revealed long-term efforts in developing “more radical things”.

Something more radical than “vein-covered tendrils”? I can’t wait to find out what they are.

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