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Sony shocked the gaming industry and loyal PlayStation fans all around the world when they announced that Horizon Zero Dawn would be coming to the PC later this year. It was an unprecedented move, considering how sacred PlayStation exclusives have become in the eyes of the legions of long-time PlayStation fans.

PlayStation games on the official website tend to have the ‘Only On PlayStation’ sticker. For instance, games like Dreams Universe and Ghost Of Tsushima (which are both first-party exclusives) feature the ‘Only On PlayStation’ sticker on their respective pages.

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Meanwhile, games like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (both of which were PS4 exclusives at launch) don’t have the ‘Only On PlayStation’ sticker anymore. PC versions of both titles have since been announced, so it makes sense that the ‘Only On PlayStation’ stickers are no longer there.

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To the detriment of PlayStation fans, Worldwide Studios Head Hermen Hulst previously said that they plan to “stay open to new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation, and show people maybe what they’ve been missing out on”, which means that more PS4 exclusives could potentially be released for the PC.

What if the next potential PS4 exclusive to launch for PC is Sony Santa Monica’s brilliant masterpiece, 2018’s God Of War? Some eagle-eyed gamers have already noticed that the God Of War page no longer features the ‘Only On PlayStation’ sticker (that is, if it ever did).

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Sure, it could happen. However, God Of War is already close to perfection on the PS4, where it belongs. Releasing it on PC won’t change anything, besides improved framerates and slightly better visuals. It has managed to sell more than 10 million copies on the PS4 alone (as of May 2019), so why would Sony release it on PC?

All of this remains speculation for now, but God Of War on PC will always be possible, especially after Horizon Zero Dawn started a new precedent for PlayStation exclusives to release on PC. If they do this, they’ll be losing one of the few advantages the PlayStation currently has over their rivals; great exclusive titles.


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