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Streets Of Rage 4 PlayStation Trophies Revealed

Whenever a new game’s trophies are revealed, it means we might be getting the game within a month or so. I’m guessing that’s the case with Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games’ sequel to Streets of Rage (or Bare Knuckle for you Japanese Megadrive gamers out there), because we have trophies!

Website Exophase just listed down the PlayStation trophies list for Streets of Rage 4. It’s full of spoilers, so I’ll just put this right here…


From what we’ve gathered here, it seems that:


  • Streets of Rage 2‘s Max is a boss. The big bruiser who sounds like a Mexican gorilla will now bodyslam and atomic drop Axel and co.
  • Also, he might be a secret playable character if the bottom achievement is of any indication. As far as I know, SOR1 characters are Axel, Blaze, and Adam, while Cherry and Floyd are brand new to the series.


  • Shiva is returning as a boss. He’s renowned to be a tough SOR2 boss and an early SOR3 fighter.


  • Mr. X’s kids (I presume) will be a pair of bosses. I said “presume” because they’re referred to as Mr. and Ms. Y.


These are the noteworthy achievements so far. The full list is below:

  • My Work Here is Done – Obtain all trophies.
  • All Clear: Axel – Clear all stages in single-player mode as Axel.
  • All Clear: Blaze – Clear all stages in single-player mode as Blaze.
  • All Clear: Cherry – Clear all stages in single-player mode as Cherry.
  • All Clear: Floyd – Clear all stages in single-player mode as Floyd.
  • All Clear: Adam – Clear all stages in single-player mode as Adam.
  • All Clear: SOR1 – Clear all stages in single-player mode with a “SOR1” character.
  • All Clear: SOR2 – Clear all stages in single-player mode with a “SOR2” character.
  • All Clear: SOR 3 – Clear all stages in single-player mode with a “SOR3” character.
  • Throwback – Discover a retro level.
  • Miss Me? – Meet Adam.
  • Dojo Master – Beat Shiva.
  • Snap Out of It – Beat possessed Max.
  • Old-Schooled – Beat Mr. and Ms. Y.
  • Stage Mastery – Get an S-Rank on any stage.
  • Perfect – Complete a stage without taking damage.
  • Maniac – Get an S-Rank on all stages on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • All Too Easy – Complete a stage on Mania difficulty.
  • Combo Pro – Achieve a “Super!” combo.
  • Combo Expert – Achieve an “Amazing!!” combo.
  • Combo Master – Achieve an “Out of this world!!!” combo.
  • 100 Yen – Clear the Arcade mode on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Bleeding Knuckles – Reach a lifetime score of 5,000,000.
  • Oops – Hit an ally.
  • Birth of the Cool – Catch a weapon in the air.
  • Eating off the Ground – Consume a healing item.
  • THIS IS WOOD OAK CITY!!! – Kill an enemy by tossing them in a hole.
  • Life’s a Struggle – Free yourself from a grab.
  • It’s Chilly in Here – Break both elevator window panes.
  • Family Reunion – Get the Golden Chicken from the art gallery to the stock room.
  • Somebody Call The Cops! – Call the police with a Streets of Rage 1 character.
  • Dude, My Car! – Break the car in The Streets.
  • Wasted Wine – Break a wine bottle.
  • Walk on Foot – Destroy all motorcycles.
  • Demolition Man – Use a wrecking ball to kill an enemy.
  • Collateral Damage – Use a barrel or a grenade explosion to kill 3 enemies at the same time.
  • An Elegant Death – Use a chandelier to kill an enemy.
  • Broke My Toy – Break a spear.

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