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Years ago when I was still a kid living in Penang, I remember looking forward to reading the ‘Lao Fu Zi’ or Old Master Q comics during my trips to the barber. Despite not understanding the dialogue (since it was in Mandarin), the humour transcended the limitations of language and I still found the comics extremely funny.

As reported by the Sin Chew Daily and China Press, the publisher of the Old Master Q comics, Wu Zhongxing, has died at the age of 98. He was the founder of the renowned Ng Hing Ke Book & Newspaper Agency and has been working together with Old Master Q comics creator Alfonso Wong until the latter’s death in 2017.

The Old Master Q comics features an elderly and lanky man dressed in a distinctive traditional Chinese attire named Old Master Q, with many supporting characters that he engages in laugh-out-loud and slapstick shenanigans with. To this day, the Old Master Q comics goes on and remains in publication, thanks to the late Alfonso Wong’s eldest son, Joseph Wong Chak.

Old Master Q 1

In remembrance of the late publisher, check out some of the funny Old Master Q comic strips below. The best thing about these comics is that you don’t even need to understand Mandarin to find them funny.

Old Master Q 2

Old Master Q 3

Old Master Q 4

Old Master Q 8

Old Master Q 9



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