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Ghost of Tsushima Guide: How To Get All The Armors & Outfits

Ghost of Tsushima’s giant-as-heck island holds a ton of secrets. From Inari shrines that grant you extra charm slots to caves that contain resources for your upgrades, there’s a lot to find and uncover.

This guide will focus on Jin’s many armor types. Some of them can be unlocked by just playing the main story, while others require some groundwork and trekking. This guide will tell you about them. Do note that some of these armors are tied to the game’s story, so we’ll put in spoiler warnings when appropriate.

Also, here’s a handy protip: you can switch out your armor anytime you’re in control of Jin. That means you can switch from the Traveler’s Attire to Samurai Armor just before you start a fight by just pausing the game and changing armor in the Gear menu. If you’re in a Standoff just before the bit where you hold the triangle button, you can switch to a different armor to accommodate the situation.

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Broken Armor


  • None. It’s useless.

How to get: Just play the first 40 minutes of the game. It’s your default armor until you get…

Traveler’s Attire



  • Track Artifacts with the Guiding Wind
  • Travelling clears 20% more fog of war on the map. Upgrades will boost this percentage.
  • Controller will vibrate when within 30m of an Artifact. Armor upgrades will increase distance.

How to get: Just play the first 40 minutes of the game. It’s your default armor.

Samurai Clan Armor



  • Reduce all damage by a Moderate/Major amount.
  • Moderate/Major increase to health.
  • Taking damage grants 15% Resolve. Upgrades will increase the amount.

How to get: Finish Lady Masako’s first story mission in Act 1. This is a requirement to progress the story, so you can’t miss it.

Ronin Attire


  • Reduce enemy detection speed by 20%. Upgrades will reduce this further.
  • 30% increase to Melee damage. Upgrades will increase this further.
  • After leaving pampas grass while crouched, enemies will be much slower to detect you. Upgrades will make it much more slow for enemies.

How to get: Complete the Blood on the Grass main quest in Act 1. This is a requirement to progress the story, so you can’t miss it.

Tadayori’s Armor



  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15%. Upgrades will increase the amount.
  • Increases total Concentration time by 1 second. Upgrades will increase this by an extra second.

How to get: Complete the “Legend of Tadayori” Mythic Tale. You can gain access to this quest once you progressed a tad in Act 1’s story and beyond, particularly after you get the bow.





Sakai Clan Armor



  • Moderate/Major increase to melee damage.
  • Major/Massive increase to health.
  • Increase Standoff Streak by 1. Winning a Standoff has a small chance to Terrify nearby enemies. Upgrades will increase the streak by 1 more and a bigger chance to Terrify.

How to get: Complete the story “Ghosts from the Past” in Act 2. This is required to progress the story, so you can’t miss it.

Ghost Armor



  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 30%. Upgrades will increase this up to 40%.
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance by 1. Upgrades will reduce it by 2.
  • Kills have a 15% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy. Upgrades will increase this.

How to get: Complete the story “From The Darkness” in Act 2. This is required to progress the story, so you can’t miss it.

Mongol Commander’s Armor



  • Major increase to health.
  • Reduces all damage by a Major amount.
  • Disguises you while out of combat, massively reducing Mongol detection speed.

How to get: Complete the “Fit For The Khan” side tale in Act 3; this appears at Jogaku Temple. Go to each designated Mongol encampment, kill off the Mongols there, and then get each armor piece. Once that’s done, head back to Jogaku Temple and get it assembled.

Gosaku’s Armor



  • Moderate/Massive increase to health.
  • Moderate/Massive increase to stagger damage.
  • Killing a staggered enemy restores 10% of health. Upgrades will increase this slightly.

How to get: Complete “The Unbreakable Gosaku” Mythic tale. You need to obtain keys from the six farmsteads at the southmost region of Tsushima Island. The missions in the six farmsteads require you to rescue hostages and clear the area of Mongols; standard stuff at this point in the game.

Once you have all the keys, head to Akashima, fight the Mongols camped there, and journey on upwards to unlock the chest at the end.

Kensei Armor



  • 15% increase to Resolve gain. Upgrades will increase this further.
  • Ghost Weapons deal 15% more damage. Upgrades will increase this further.
  • Striking an enemy with a Ghost Weapon causes that enemy to deal 25% less damage and receive 25% more damage. Upgrades will increase this slightly.

How to get: Complete the “Six Blades of Kojiro” Mythic Tale. You’ll have to find the five duels spread all across Tsushima, then fight the last ronin to get the armor. Hope you’ve practised your parries well because these fights aren’t easy.

Check out the video below so that you know where to go during this quest.




  • Running and sprinting no longer create noise. You’re in a loincloth; what else do you want?

How to get:  Find every hot spring in the game. Check out the list on the video below.

Armor Sets

Legendary Thief

What you need:

  • Sly Tanuki sword kit
  • Crooked Kama Headband
  • Thief’s Wrap (Mask)
  • Gosaku’s Armor
  • Ocean’s Guardian dye

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