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All The Games At The Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2020

Nintendo just livestreamed an indie gaming showcase recently, so here’s a recap of its highlights.

The best part? Half these titles are out for your Nintendo Switch right now. And Nintendo is hosting an indie games sale. We’ll be updating this feature with game prices later today.

For now, here are the games:


Our favourite roguelike of 2020 that’s still in Early Access will be on Nintendo Switch. And it features cross saving, so you can transfer your PC save to the Switch version and play it there. Out Fall 2020, when the PC version exits Early Access.

Hypnospace Outlaw

One of our 2019 darlings, Hypnospace Outlaw, will be out on Nintendo Switch. Browse through the 90s internet

Out 27th August for Switch and also PS4 and Xbox One. The game also features a physical edition complete with an old-school 90s PC box.



This game puts you in the shoes of a caretake who tends to spirits and conform to their requests before you send them away to the great void permanently. And you own a boat that takes you to spirit-laden places.

It’s coming to Nintendo Switch later today. So far it’s not coming out for other platforms like PC and Xbox One yet, despite it being announced for the latter first.

Garden Story


Vegetables coming to life and doing top-down 2D RPG stuff with fruits and other produce both domestic and wild. Your enemies? The rot. Kill them so that your garden grows, literally.

Blooming in 2021. Sorry, couldn’t resist.



This past 3D seafaring survival game will be out on Switch. Both the original and its sequel Subnautica: Below Zero will be out for the Switch in early 2021.

Takeshi and Hiroshi


A claymation and 2D action RPG game hybrid where you design a game and have your brother Hiroshi test it out. The claymation bits are the story while the 2D bits are the turn-based gameplay.

Out later today. This is one title that is piquing my curiosity.



An Indian-made title based on Hindu mythology and architectural marvel. Defend the world against an evil demon lord in 3D action-adventure featuring a lovely ancient aesthetic.

Also out today as a timed console exclusive.

Bear & Breakfast


Want to play a bear wandering in the wilderness populated with chatty and snarky animals? AND manage a bed-and-breakfast lot? This game will make your wish come true.

Out 2021 as a timed exclusive for Nintendo.

A Short Hike


This fun adventure game previously on PC is now on the Switch. You hike, you explore, and find your way around in this relaxing adventure game. Out later today as a timed console exclusive.

Card Shark


An 18th-century adventure game set in France where you play cards, cheat people, and buy your way to high-stakes royal game to rise to the top. If you get caught or lose, you die. Easy. Out in 2021.

Torchlight 3


The supposedly dumbed-down sequel to Torchlight 2. If you like your action-RPG as retro as possible and show off your fort and gear, you may want to check it out when it’s out for Switch this Fall.

Manifold Garden


This puzzle game lets you shift gravity, and features a lot of starry architecture-filled vistas and environments. Out on Switch later today.



A 2D platformer featuring a soulflame mechanic that can be used as a time-slowing device, platform-maker, and jump booster.

Out later today.

Untitled Goose Game Co-Op Mode


Yep, the classic trolling game featuring 2019’s best character, the goose, is coming to Nintendo Switch. And now comes with 2 player co-op.

The free co-op update will come 23rd September for existing versions of the game. The Nintendo Switch version will be “coming soon”.


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